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Welcome to Torg's Raw Puff Pastry category page! We are a leading b2b food products marketplace, offering a wide selection of high-quality puff pastry products from suppliers across the world. Our focus is on providing exceptional sourcing solutions for businesses looking to buy in bulk at wholesale prices. Whether you're located in Spain, Italy, or anywhere else in Europe, we've got you covered with our diverse range of raw puff pastry options. From traditional Mediterranean-style pastries to innovative flavor combinations, our suppliers have something for everyone. Take advantage of our private label services and create your own unique brand with Torg's help. With our user-friendly web application, finding the perfect supplier has never been easier. Explore our extensive database and get started on your next big deal today!

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Try some of the best Raw Puff Pastry from Italy! Discover our selection of delicious, b2b supplier sourced pastry sheets perfect for your wholesale needs. Elevate your menu with authentic Italian flavors without compromising on quality. Explore Torg's Mediterranean marketplace for all your private label pastry sourcing. (Variation 1: Close up shot of golden puff pastry sheets stacked on top of each other with a clear view of the packaging design) (Variation 2: Aerial shot of a baking tray filled with assorted mini puff pastries in different shapes and sizes, showcasing the versatility of the product) (Variation 3: Flat lay shot of various raw puff pastry products placed next to fresh ingredients like tomatoes, herbs and cheese, highlighting potential usage in European inspired dishes)

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eesti pagar as logo
Eesti pagar as
eesti pagar specializes in baking and exporting a wide variety of bread and pastry products including rye bread, sweet pastries, cakes, and cookies.Products range from traditional loaves to sweet treats, catering to different preferences. For quality baked goods and pastries, check out eesti pagar's diverse product catalog and explore their special promotions and seasonal offerings.
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Estonia Tööstuse 34 - paide
Certificates: All
surgital logo
Surgital® started as a small fresh pasta artisan workshop, and have now become a leader in the HORECA and Large Retail sector. Our range of brands and recipes is wide and diversified: from premium products with DOP ingredients for haute cuisine, to sauces in nuggets and quick-cook pasta for collective catering, large retailers and private labels, right up to ready meals for fast catering and bars.
Frozen pasta
Green pesto
Ready meals
Fresh egg pasta
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Certificates: All
novepan - bionatis logo
Novepan - bionatis
Products: Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen ready-meals Frozen pizzas Frozen baguettes Frozen snacks/Finger food Other frozen ready-meals Frozen baked goods Frozen bread and rolls Frozen savoury baked goods Other frozen baked goods Product sector: Frozen Food
Frozen appetizers
Frozen egg rolls
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France Lomme, 59160 Lille, France - Lille
Certificates: All
sfoglia torino s.r.l logo
Sfoglia torino s.r.l
Sfoglia Torino has been a leader in the production of puff pastry for 40 years, offering a wide range of pastry products for the food industry and retail. From mini pizzas to puff pastry, their high-quality products cater to various culinary needs. Explore their full catalog for more options!
Mille-feuille pastry
Puff pastry meals
Raw puff pastry
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Italy via Neviazzano 8 - Buttigliera D'Asti (AT)
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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