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Searching for high-quality Potato Gnocchi? Look no further than Torg, the leading b2b food products marketplace. Our extensive database of suppliers offers a variety of options to meet your business needs. From traditional Italian-style gnocchi to unique Mediterranean-inspired variations, you can find it all on Torg. With our user-friendly web application, sourcing the perfect gnocchi has never been easier. Explore our selection today to discover exclusive deals from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe and beyond. No matter what kind of business you have, Torg is here to assist with all your Potato Gnocchi needs.

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A close-up shot of a plate filled with delicious potato gnocchi, drizzled with rich olive oil and sprinkled with herbs. The gnocchi is sourced from top suppliers in Italy and Spain, known for their high-quality Mediterranean cuisine. Perfect for a b2b wholesale purchase or private label packaging. Also available in vegan options for health-conscious consumers. Don't miss out on this classic Italian dish that is sure to impress any palate.

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P.A.C. S.r.l. logo
P.a.c. s.r.l.
pasta fresca italiana di altissima qualit. Offering a variety of fresh pasta made from durum wheat and egg, including bronzedrawn shapes, lasagna sheets, and gnocchi. Download the catalog for more information. Contact for recipes and highquality pasta products.
Fresh pasta
Fresh egg pasta
Potato gnocchi
Italy Via Volta, 1 - Melfi PZ
Certificates: All
Bertoncello S.R.L. logo
Bertoncello s.r.l.
Products: Fresh convenience food, fresh delicatessen, fish, fruit & vegetables Fresh side dishes / ingredients Fresh pasta Fresh ready-meals Chilled pasta dishes/lasagne Product sector: Chilled & Fresh Food Trend subjects: Gourmet & Specialty Food Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade
Fish food
Fresh pasta
Fresh egg pasta
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Certificates: All
nonno nanni logo
Nonno nanni
Nonno Nanni produces fresh cream cheeses: stracchini, spreadable cheeses, robiole, mozzarella, ricotta , burrata and stracciatella and it is the leader by value in the Italian Stracchino market.
Mozzarella cheese
Goat cheese
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Italy VIA FANTE D'ITALIA 26 - Giavera del Montello
Certificates: All
ta-tung platos precocinados s.l logo
Ta-tung platos precocinados s.l
Gallo Pasta offers a variety of pasta types and shapes on their official website, emphasizing natural ingredients. From dry pasta to fresh pasta, sauces, and glutenfree options, Gallo Pasta's selection caters to different preferences. With a history of innovation since the 1940s, Gallo Pasta focuses on quality and excellence in every product. Explore their wide range of pasta products and recipes, including glutenfree options and delicious meals like salmon spaghetti, cheese ravioli, and more. Contact them for more information or to join their team.
Lentil pasta
Fresh pasta
Gluten-free pasta
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Italy - - Sant Cugat del Vallès
Certificates: All

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