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brasserie de brunehaut  logo
Brasserie de brunehaut
Founded in 1890, the Brasserie Brunehaut (brewery) blends tradition and modernity. A century later, the brewhouse moved 2km (1.24mi) from the original site, remaining on the same water table with the same pristine water quality. When a 2007 acquisition changed ownership, annual brewery production stood at 1000 hectoliters. Today, total brewery output has more than quintupled. Nevertheless, Brunehaut remains an artisanal brewery, strong in its rich history and modern values.
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Belgium SA Rue des Panneries - Brunehaut
Certificates: All
costa concentrados levantinos logo
Costa concentrados levantinos
More than 100 years ago, a Spanish company was founded in Valencia with the objective of creating a unique tiger nut concentrate in the world. This company was called Costa, and at that time began its journey in the horchata tradition. In 1980 were modernized to be at the forefront of production processes and always offer products of the highest quality. In this way, Costa incorporates cereal-based vegetable drinks into its range of products, in addition to continuing to produce an excellent horchata. Here takes off a new era, where tradition and innovation come together, playing a fundamental role in the development of Costa until today. New Ecological Products In 2012 Costa Eco was born with a wide range of products created from organic ingredients and that has vegetable drinks, broths, sauces for cooking and nut creams, among other recipes. The whole assortment meets high quality requirements, and as a result all products have the certificates that verify the ecological originof our ingredients. Costa today We are currently a company with a great experience in the creation of products that feed your well-being. In addition, we take care to the different intolerances and food allergies, as well as to the problems derived from a digestive sensitivity related to some ingredients. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of products that do not contain gluten or lactose. They are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets, and also represent a very healthy alternative within a varied diet. Delight with our Horchata, Oatmeal Drink, or Vegetable Broth … all Costa’s creations you will love!
Lactose-free creams
Pumpkin soups
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Spain Ctra. Cambrils, 18 - Riudoms (Tarragona)
Certificates: All
galvanina logo
Galvanina: organic drinks and sparkling waters. Galvanina has an ancient and fascinating history. Situated on the slopes of Paradise Hill, where ancient Roman baths once stood, Galvanina takes its name from the eponymous mineral water spring. It is here that a centuries-long journey began through the territory of Rimini. Today Galvanina is present in over 50 countries in the world with its certified quality products: organic drinks, cold teas, mineral waters, sparkling drinks and mixers.
Flavored waters
Organic beers
Mineral water
Pomegranate juice
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Italy Via della Torretta, 2 - Rimini
Certificates: All
bier wurz logo
Bier wurz
We are your beverage distributor for Baden-Baden and the surrounding area. We supply beverages to restaurateurs, corporate customers and private households and are in action with our festive service at events throughout the region. Our huge assortment includes many insider tips and beverage specialties that you can only get from us. In our multiple award-winning GEFAKO beverage market, we will be happy to show you our large world of beverages.
Natural mineral water
Alcoholic beverage
Mineral water
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Germany Hubertusstr. 11 - Baden-Baden

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