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Welcome to Torg, the leading b2b marketplace for food products! In this category page, you'll find a wide selection of delicious Mozzarella Sandwiches from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. Our platform offers convenience and efficiency in finding the perfect sourcing deals for your business needs. With bulk wholesale and private label options available, Torg is here to help you make those tasty sandwiches an essential part of your menu. Don't miss out on exclusive deals and discounts – start browsing now!

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A selection of delicious, savory Mozzarella Sandwiches with fresh ingredients from top suppliers in Italy and Spain. Explore our wide range of b2b sourced sandwiches at Torg's marketplace for your wholesale or private label needs. Choose from variations including classic Caprese, Smoked Turkey and Tomato, or Parmigiana style. Whether you're in Europe or the Mediterranean region, find your perfect sandwich here!

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makler komers logo
Makler komers
There is no relevant information about the company or its services on the website.
Cheese spreads substitutes
Grated mozzarella
Paprika spice
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Bulgaria - - -sofia
Certificates: All
Caseificio podere dei leoni sas
The company specializes in producing high-quality dairy products such as spherical-shaped cheese with a pearly white color and a distinctive flavor, a burrata with a soft and creamy center, and a creamy smoked version. They also offer white and smoked ricotta with a slightly sweet taste, and a pear-shaped scamorza with a smooth and creamy texture. Known for promoting traditional values in dairy production since 1998, their products are a delicious representation of Campania's culinary heritage.
Mozzarella cheese
Buffalo cheese
Cow mozzarella
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Italy Via F. Petrarca 34 - NOCERA INFERIORE (SA)
Certificates: All
gristiren ltd logo
Gristiren ltd
Products: Dairy substitute products Cheese substitute vegan cheese Product sector: Dairy Trend subjects: Free from, Health & Functional Food Halal Plant-Based Proteins or Food (vegetarian, vegan) private label Sustainably Produced or Packed Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada China Colombia Germany India Mexico Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Central America Others South America Russia South Africa Southern Europe USA West Africa Western Europe Outbound: Brazil, São Paulo │ ANUFOOD Brazil China, Shenzhen │ ANUFOOD China Germany, Cologne │ Anuga India, Mumbai │ ANUFOOD India
Mozzarella cheese
Grated mozzarella
Parmesan cheese
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Certificates: All
solarec s.a. logo
Solarec s.a.
From the Belgian Ardennes, we distribute our milk products all over the world. An exclusive sector, guarantee of quality. Since SOLAREC was set up in 1965, we have followed our philosophy of continuous improvement. SOLAREC combines the strength of traditional know-how and constantly evolving competitive processes. We are located at the heart of Europe, in the Belgian Ardennes. We collect the milk on local farms that comply with very strict specifications. Our exclusive sector guarantees us a very high quality raw material, from farms where animal health and well-being are at the heart of the priorities.
Whole milk
Whole milk powder
Ice cream
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Belgium Rue de Saint-Hubert 75 - Libramont
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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