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Welcome to Torg's b2b marketplace for Miso Soup! Our diverse selection of high-quality products will satisfy your business needs. With a focus on sourcing from top suppliers in Spain, Italy and Europe, we offer private label options and wholesale deals. Whether you're looking for traditional or flavored Miso Soup, we have you covered. Our easy-to-use web application allows buyers to request quotes and find the perfect product quickly. Join our growing community today!

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Capture the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine with our delicious Miso Soup. Show off the flavorful blend of soybeans, broth, and vegetables in a rustic bowl. Perfect for b2b buyers sourcing quality wholesale products from Japan or other Asian markets. Showcase your private label brand with this savory soup that will transport your customers to the bustling streets of Tokyo. Don't miss out on adding Miso Soup to your menu today!

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Nagatanien foods co., ltd. okayama factory
nagatanien offers a wide range of standard classic and long-selling food products. Explore new and innovative topics in their lineup, showcasing a rich history and commitment to quality. Choose from a variety of traditional and modern food items perfect for any occasion.
Sushi rice
Miso soup
Japan 1119-3, Kuban, Higashi-ku - Okayama
Certificates: All
MARUKOME CO., LTD. Kawanakajima Center logo
Marukome co., ltd. kawanakajima center
Marukome was founded in 1854 by Tamiemon Aoki who was a Master Craftsman of Miso making. For over 160 years Marukome's craftsman has devoted themselves to create Excellent Quality Miso with combination of traditional fermentation techniques and cutting edge technology.
Miso soup
Japan 943-1, Higashioshita, Tamaki - Inasato-machi,
Certificates: All
Maruhama Foods Co., Ltd. The second retort factory, The head office logo
Maruhama foods co., ltd. the second retort factory, the head office
"Manufacturer of premium organic soy sauce offering OEM services. Specializing in original and high-quality products. Contact us for more information."
Miso soup
Soy sauce
Japan 3050-24, Harai-cho - Hamada City
Certificates: All
Maruhama Foods Co., Ltd. The first retort factory, Dry ingredients factory, The head office logo
Maruhama foods co., ltd. the first retort factory, dry ingredients factory, the head office
"Specializing in OEM production, our company offers high-quality organic soy sauce with original recipes. With a focus on delivering top-notch products, we also provide recruitment opportunities for potential candidates. Contact us for more information."
Miso soup
Soy sauce
Japan 63-25, I, Sufu-cho - Hamada City
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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