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Whether you're looking to source from European or Mediterranean suppliers, Torg is the place to come for all of your mint needs. Our online marketplace makes it easy to discover a wide variety of mint products from various different suppliers around the globe. We offer options such as wholesale, private label and sourcing services so that you can find exactly what you need at an unbeatable price.

Capture the freshness and vibrant colors of mints by taking a picture of them in their natural setting. Consider adding elements like herbs, fruits or other ingredients to create a more interesting composition. Focus on the textures and shades of green to highlight the product's features.

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Explore the Mints of the World with Torg

  1. Spain: Spain is an ideal destination for sourcing mints and related products. The country has been producing food products since ancient times, and counts a variety of traditional dishes featuring mint as a key ingredient. For instance, Patatas Bravas is a classic Spanish dish in which potatoes are served with a spicy tomato sauce containing fresh chopped mint leaves. Furthermore, on the coast of Andalusia, seafood dishes such as Cazón en Adobo often use mint to pair perfectly with its unique flavorings. Torg makes it easy to find trusted suppliers in Spain who can provide premium quality mints at competitive prices.
  2. India: India is another great place to look for mints and related products. With its long history of culture and traditions still alive today, many Indian recipes call upon the distinct flavors of mint in their ingredients list. For example, Chutney’s are popular condiments among Indian cuisine that usually contain both fresh or dried mint leaves as part of their preparation process. When looking for wholesale supplies from India, make sure to rely on Torg for help in finding reliable private label suppliers who can meet your exact requirements.
  3. Morocco: Morocco is widely known for its rich cultural heritage that manifests itself through local recipes cooked up in households all over the country on a daily basis. Amongst other ingredients, many Moroccan dishes require generous amounts of freshly chopped or dried varieties of mint to bring out complex flavor combinations that have been perfected over centuries. Whether you need bulk supplies for large orders or smaller quantities with custom labeling options; let Torg take care of your sourcing needs and connect you to top quality suppliers from Morocco at unbeatable prices!
  4. Greece: Greece's diverse culinary landscape has made it famous all around the world thanks to its wide selection of delightful dishes featuring fresh produce like herbs and spices including assorted types of minty flavors too! Greek classics like Moussaka (a layered eggplant dish) or Dolmades (rice stuffed vine leaves) both contain generous amounts of finely chopped spearmint mixed into their ingredients lists giving them an unmistakable zing when enjoyed by locals and tourists alike! Let Torg help you source quality mint suppliers located throughout Greece without any trouble whatsoever!

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk Packaging is a great option for large scale buyers. It's cost effective, as it eliminates the need for individual packaging and labeling of products. Bulk packaging can be carried out with different materials, such as cardboard boxes, wooden crates or plastic containers to fit all types of products in any quantity.
  2. Labeled Packaging: Labelled Packaging offers a more professional look and feel to the product and allows for efficient product identification. This type of packaging is perfect for b2b suppliers who source their products from all over the world, as it provides assurance that buyers are receiving the correct product they have ordered. Private labeling also provides an opportunity to add branding to the package and promote their business worldwide.
  3. Retail Ready Packaging: Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is an ideal solution for food distributors and ecommerce businesses looking to enter new markets quickly. RRP is designed specifically for retail sales – reducing costs associated with secondary packaging and providing faster time-to-shelf availability. Prepackaged by manufacturers, RRP ensures that goods arrive ready for sale while still maintaining quality control standards necessary in b2b wholesale orders.