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Torg is the go-to destination for all your Kabinett needs. Our vast selection of top-quality products from trusted suppliers around the world can be easily searched and sourced. With our extensive database, you can find exactly what you need fast without any hassle. Whether it's for private labeling or wholesale, our product experts are here to help you get started with reliable and competitively priced items from all over Europe, Spain, Italy, and beyond!

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Looking for the best Kabinett wines in Spain and Italy? Look no further! Discover our extensive collection of top quality b2b wholesale suppliers for your sourcing needs. With Torg, you can find the perfect private label wine for your business. Browse now and elevate your beverage selection with our top-rated Kabinett wines from across Europe and the Mediterranean.

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Our vast selection of Kabinett suppliers can help you get your desired product with ease. e.V. logo e.v. dedicates itself to supporting and securing the future of the Bavarian dairy industry by providing services such as promoting export potentials, crisis management, research, education support, and the Bavarian Butter and Cheese Exchange. They are committed to proactive crisis preparation and ensuring high standards in dairy education to benefit the industry. Join them in furthering the Bavarian milk sector's growth and stability.
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Germany Kaiser-Ludwig-Platz 2, 80336 München, Germany - München
UpStar Nutrition, Inc. logo
Upstar nutrition, inc.
Frozen desserts made better with zero added sugar, natural sweeteners, gluten-free, and real milk & cream. Expect better quality treats that taste good and are keto-friendly. Keto Foods offers a range of low-carb ice cream, chocolate, and bars for a guilt-free indulgence.
Ice cream
Frozen dessert
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USA 4400 N Scottsdale Rd Ste 9, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, USA - Scottsdale
Certificates: All
peter mertes kg logo
Peter mertes kg
In 1924, a winegrower from the Moselle had a vision: He wanted to get more people excited about wine. His favorite beverage should be accessible to everyone and integrated into daily shopping. He founded his own winery and gave it his name: Peter Mertes Today, the company, which has been family-run for four generations and is based in Bernkastel-Kues, is one of the most important market players in the wine industry, both nationally and internationally. With 400 employees in Bernkastel-Kues and sales offices in the USA, China and Poland, the winery is committed to selected wines from Germany and around the world.
Red wine
Rosé wine
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Germany Bornwiese 4 - bernkastel-kues
Certificates: All
Cris-tim family holding s.r.l.
Crustim Group focuses on innovation and quality in sales and distribution of various brands like Matache Mcelaru, Alpinia, CSRDS, and Bunti Lactate. They offer clean labeled products such as meats, dairy, and snacks. Additionally, they provide career opportunities, campaigns, and have their own retail stores. Their products contain natural additives like sodium nitrite and sodium acetate to maintain product color and freshness, and they emphasize the removal of mechanically separated meat for improved food quality. Furthermore, they offer a variety of food additives like monosodium glutamate and synthetic flavoring agents for enhancing the taste and sensory properties of their products.
Fish food
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Romania 140 Bucurestii Noi bvd - RO 012367,
Certificates: All

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