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Torg is a one-stop shop for all your frozen pasta needs. With our large selection of suppliers and products from around Europe, we are sure to find the perfect solution for your business. Whether you're looking for wholesale, private label or even custom made product, we can help! We understand the importance of sourcing quality ingredients and guarantee that our products have been carefully selected to bring you only the best!

Capture a photograph of a plate of freshly cooked frozen pasta with ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, or other vegetables. Include the vibrant colors of each ingredient and make sure to emphasize the texture and flavor of the dish. Focus on the presentation- include garnishes like parsley or basil leaves to complete the look!

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Delicious Recipes with Frozen Pasta

  1. Pesto Pasta: One of the most popular recipes for frozen pasta is a classic pesto dish. Pesto is a type of Italian sauce made from fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. Simply cook the frozen pasta according to the instructions on its label and mix in a few spoonfuls of your favorite pesto. Enjoy this classic Italian dish as an easy lunch or dinner option that can be prepared in minutes.
  2. Mac & Cheese: Another great way to enjoy frozen pasta meals is by using it to make mac and cheese. Start by boiling the frozen noodles according to their instructions, then add some milk and cheese powder into the pot. Allow it all to simmer until you’ve reached your desired consistency, then serve with extra grated cheese sprinkled on top for garnish. It’s an easy and delicious meal that kids will love!
  3. Asian Noodle Stir Fry: If you’re looking for something more creative than traditional dishes using frozen pasta, why not try an Asian-inspired dish? To get started, cook your desired type of frozen pasta according to its instructions on its label. Then add in some sesame oil and soy sauce while stirring regularly over medium heat until everything is evenly coated. You can also add some vegetables such as broccoli or carrots for added texture and flavor – enjoy this quick Asian-style noodle dish!

Buying Trends in Frozen Pasta

  1. Global Expansion: In the past few decades, the frozen pasta market has grown significantly in popularity. This growth is largely attributed to the development of more efficient production and distribution methods, as well as a greater variety of available products. In addition, increased demand from consumers for healthy, clean-label options has driven producers to supply more nutritious and convenient frozen pasta products. The Mediterranean region has traditionally been a major player in this market but there is now considerable interest from buyers in other regions such as North America and Southeast Asia.
  2. Private Label Popularity: Private label brands have become increasingly popular among buyers in recent years, providing customers with value-for-money options that are often not possible when buying branded products. This trend is particularly prevalent within the frozen pasta category, with private label manufacturers offering higher quality products at lower prices than traditional branded suppliers. As such, private label brands are an attractive proposition for many buyers looking to save money or offer their own brand of product.

Enjoy Nutritional Benefits with Torg's Frozen Pasta Products

  1. Nutritional Benefits: Frozen pasta is a great source of complex carbohydrates and proteins, providing an excellent balance of nutrition for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet. It is naturally low in fat, with no added oils or preservatives. Plus, it contains a high amount of dietary fiber that helps promote digestion and helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. Frozen pasta also offers vitamins like folate and iron, as well as essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
  2. Vitamins & Minerals: Eating frozen pasta can be an excellent way to ensure that your meals are fresh and nutritious. Since it is packed immediately after being processed, the nutrients remain locked in the food havings its full flavor profile intact. As most frozen pastas are already precooked, they retain more vitamins compared to other forms of cooked pasta.
  3. Quick Cooking Process: With frozen pasta being cooked quickly at home after purchase, it can offer numerous health benefits since it requires little to no preparation time. Additionally, the quick cooking process preserves more color and texture than traditional dry pasta which tends to lose both during long boiling times. Allowing consumers to have their meal on the table faster while still enjoying a fulfilling meal with great taste and nutrition!