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A close up of deliciously sweet dessert wine in a sleek bottle and elegant packaging, perfect for your private label. Sourced from the finest vineyards in Spain and Italy, our dessert wine is perfect to pair with your favorite treats. Available for wholesale purchase on Torg's b2b marketplace. Indulge in the flavors of the Mediterranean with our rich and flavorful dessert wine.

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sperone giacomo spa  logo
Sperone giacomo spa
"Explore a wide selection of aperitifs, sparkling wines, grappas, dessert wines, and gift packages from Sperone in Cusano Milanino, Italy. Discover regional Italian wines and enjoy a variety of products perfect for every occasion. Your optimal browsing experience is ensured with our use of cookies. No personal data is collected, and we do not use persistent cookies or user tracking systems, guaranteeing your privacy while enhancing your online shopping experience."
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Sparkling white wine
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Italy Via Bellini, 23 - Cusano Milanino (MI)
Certificates: All
consorzio vino chianti classico logo
Consorzio vino chianti classico
Chianti Classico is the first wine consortium in Italy, offering a wide range of premium wines from the Chianti region. Explore their collection of awardwinning wines, experience the unique taste of the Chianti Classico territory, and discover the rich history behind the Gallo Nero label. Join their newsletter for exclusive updates and events in the world of Italian wine. No data
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Italy Via Sangallo, 41 – Loc. Sambuca - Barberino Tavarnelle
biagini wine broker logo
Biagini wine broker
I was born in the heart of Tuscany, in San Gimignano, near Siena, January 3rd 1965. I got in touch with the world of wine at the age of 23 and soon started to realize that it would have been difficult to get away from it. I managed to develop a good experience in the field, thanks to the different positions I have covered: - In the cellar with experienced enologists for the choice of products to prepare and age. - In the office: book keeping, preparation of documents needed for national and international sales. - Sales: from choosing the packaging to the creation and organization of the sales in Italian market, but mostly for the European and extra-European markets. Sales were dedicated most of my time, especially the foreign market, to which I mostly give my attention and passion, and obtain in exchange, the most satisfaction, participating in wine fairs, workshops, and visits with other importers in countries such as Japan, Australia, United States, Canada, China, Korea, Germany, France, England, Malta, Poland, and others. To complete my "field" experience of wine, in December 2002 I obtained the Certification of Sommelier Fisar, and 2 years later a second one with the same association. This made me understand even better, that there's always more to learn with wine.
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Italy Strada Provinciale per San Gimignano, 1 (c/o Centro Commerciale Spadino - Poggibonsi) - Barberino Val d'Elsa
tenuta il palazzo logo
Tenuta il palazzo
tarting from 1971, the Banelli family begins their direction of the Tenuta, and hires paid laborers. A few years later, in 1976, Anna Maria and Primo begin the restauration of the Borgo and the agricultural enterprise. With passion and tenacity, carried through with their challenge, joined by their children Alessio and Isabella. With the birth of the little Allegra, we reached the fourth generation: a tale begun in 1946 and of which we're already writing the Future! Yes, because today that dream turned into 42 hectares of vineyard and 6000 olive trees, selected among the most prestigious crops. The lands decorating our Tenuta were, once, a place of rest for travelers, along the Via del Sale that connected Roma and Rimini. The fertile and welcoming soul of these fields welcomed the locals. The company used to be divided into four estates, in each one of which resided patriarchal "Great Families". The numerous and powerful arms worked constantly until the industrial development of the 60's turned them into workers, causing the emptying of the countryside.
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Italy Via del Moro - Arezzo

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