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If you're looking for a reliable Chinese noodles supplier, look no further than Torg. Our B2B marketplace offers an extensive selection of high-quality noodles from top suppliers in Spain and Italy. From wholesale to private label sourcing, our platform makes it easy to connect with reputable suppliers at competitive prices. We understand the importance of finding quality products that meet your unique needs. That's why we have partnered with some of the best noodle suppliers in the market to provide you with a diverse range of options. Trust Torg to help you find the perfect Chinese noodles for your business today!

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A delicious bowl of traditional Chinese noodles, steaming hot and covered in a flavorful broth. The noodles are perfectly cooked and topped with fresh vegetables and savory meat. Perfect for any occasion, this dish is sure to be a hit with customers looking for authentic Chinese cuisine. Whether you're searching for a wholesale supplier or private label options, Torg's extensive selection of Chinese noodles has you covered. From Italy to Spain, Europe to the Mediterranean, Torg can connect you with the best suppliers for your business needs.

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Giorgios Continental Ltd trading as GCL Food Ingredients logo
Giorgios continental ltd trading as gcl food ingredients
GCL Food Ingredients is a leading food manufacturer and supplier, offering a wide range of food products tailored to the needs of the foodservice and industrial sectors. They provide liquids such as wines, beers, oils, and spirits, as well as meats, pasta, cheese, Asian noodles, rice, proteins, and vegan products. With a focus on innovation and market trends, GCL collaborates closely with customers to create food chain partnerships and deliver high-quality, customized ingredients. Their commitment to food safety and product quality is reflected in their certifications and awards.
White vinegars
Cooked beef meat
Dry pasta
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United Kingdom Factory 1, Dunsil Road Engine Lane, Moorgreen Industrial Park - Newthorpe
Certificates: All
Hyocheon food co.
Hyocheon Food offers Oriental style noodles in various sizes and packaging options. Established in 1986, they pride themselves on their quality products and certifications including HACCP, FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 22001. Contact them for delicious noodles at 0315418377 or 01033422195.
Buckwheat pasta
Shiitake mushrooms
Brown rice
Chinese egg noodles
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Korea, Republic of South Korea 14, Majeon-gil, Gasan-myeon - Pocheon-si
Certificates: All
Noodle lovers inc.
noodles & company offers a menu full of fresh, made-to-order, globally inspired dishes such as Italian pasta classics, Asian noodles, and fresh salads. Their world-famous mac & cheese is a must-try, now 50% cheesier! With a guarantee of happy taste buds, they provide a variety of options including vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, and customizable dishes to satisfy every craving. Customers can also enjoy rewards like freebies and discounts through their loyalty program.
Chinese egg noodles
Leaf salads
Instant noodles
Salads with meat
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Korea, Republic of South Korea 51-24, Gungdong-gil, Iwol-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 27818, Republic of Korea – Jincheo - Chungcheongbuk-do
Certificates: All
Hungkee Holdings Co Ltd logo
Hungkee holdings co ltd
Hung's Noodles offers fresh, authentic Asian noodles and wrappers, crafted with a traditional approach to honor cultural roots. They provide quality products for both home cooks and professional chefs, with customizable formulations to meet unique recipe needs. From stir-fry to salads, their noodles are versatile and perfect for various dishes. Explore their website for recipes and tips on preparing their products in traditional and innovative ways. Experience the difference with Hung's Noodles - where tradition meets quality.
Fresh egg pasta
Chinese egg noodles
Dried rice noodles
Egg noodles
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Canada Bay 25, 1410 40th Ave NE, - Calgary
Certificates: All

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