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At Torg, we offer an extensive selection of top-grade Chai Tea to meet all your business needs. Our product range is sourced from trusted suppliers across Europe and beyond, ensuring that you get only the best quality products – no matter where you are located. Whether you're looking for traditional Indian chai or flavoured blends such as cardamom or ginger, our vast range has something for every taste and budget. With competitive prices and fast delivery times, you can count on us to provide top notch service every time.

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Sanyo shouji co., ltd. shizuoka factory
"Experience top-quality OEM products with a commitment to HACCP and FSSC 22000 standards. Stay updated with the latest news and product messages."
Flavored teas
Oolong teas
Chai tea
Japan 547-1, Mineda - Kikugawa-city
Certificates: All
Bergstrands Kafferosteri AB logo
Bergstrands kafferosteri ab
Bergstrands Kafferosteri offers a wide range of coffee and tea products from Gothenburg. Their modern roastery combines the best of old traditions, providing equipment for Horeca, tea, and coffee shops, as well as office spaces. Their passion for history and quality is reflected in their carefully crafted coffee blends and a diverse selection of over 150 teas, catering to every mood and season. Explore their sustainable and diverse offerings to elevate your coffee and tea experience.
Chai tea
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Sweden Bessemergatan 4 - Göteborg
Certificates: All
TeaPak s.r.l. SB logo
Teapak s.r.l. sb
Yogi Tea offers a selection of 40 organic tea blends to support overall wellness. From citrusy to floral and herbal flavors, their teas cater to various needs such as digestion, immunity, mood, and relaxation. Explore their purposeful teas inspired by Ayurveda, with a focus on quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. Indulge in their full-flavored organic tea experience and discover the perfect cup for you. Choose Yogi Tea for a deliciously purposeful tea journey.
Black tea
Herbal tea
Oolong teas
Herbal tea beverages
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Italy Via Bicocca 15/L - Imola (BO)
Certificates: All
Kaffehuset I Karlstadt AB Löfbergs Lila AB logo
Kaffehuset i karlstadt ab löfbergs lila ab
Lfbergs is a family-owned coffee roastery founded in Karlstad in 1906, specializing in delivering exceptional coffee for over a century. Their diverse range includes everything from traditional bryggkaffe (brewed coffee) to specialty blends like Organic Medium Roast and Choco Latte. They prioritize sustainability in their production, offering a variety of fair trade and organic options for conscious consumers. Explore their extensive selection, including professional-grade blends and unique flavors like Salted Caramel Latte and Ethiopian Sidamo.
Coffee beans
Instant coffee
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Denmark Ærøvej 15-17 - Viborg
Certificates: All

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Fssc 22000

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