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Torg is your one-stop-shop for all your Wheat needs. As an online b2b marketplace, we connect buyers with suppliers from Europe and the Mediterranean region. Our database offers a wide selection of products including wheat flour, whole-grain wheats, multigrain wheats and more. We cater to businesses of all sizes and assist in sourcing wheat products at wholesale prices. Our platform makes it easy for buyers to submit product requests and receive quotes from specific suppliers. Whether you're looking to import bulk wheat or private label options, Torg has got you covered. With our extensive network of suppliers in Spain, Italy and other European countries, you can be assured of high-quality products that meet your requirements.

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Torg is a global B2B food products marketplace where buyers can find high-quality Wheats products in one platform.
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Place a request in minutes and share it with our base of suppliers
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We offer up to 90 days credit, and guaranteed payment on day 1 for suppliers

Wheats Buying Trends Headline

  1. Increasing Demand for Wheat Products:
    The demand for wheat products has been growing steadily in recent years, with a projected global market value of $311.8 billion by 2026. Increasing concerns about health and wellness, as well as the rise of plant-based diets, have contributed to this growth. Wheat is a staple ingredient in many popular foods such as bread, pasta, and pastries. With the rise of e-commerce platforms like Torg, more businesses are sourcing wheat from other countries like Spain and Italy to meet their needs for high-quality products at competitive prices.
  2. Challenges Faced by Traditional Wheat Markets:
    While the overall trend for wheat products is positive, there have been fluctuations in demand over the years. In some regions like Europe and North America, there has been a decline in consumption due to an increase in gluten-free diets. This has led to a shift towards alternative grains like quinoa and rice. However, in developing countries where wheat is a dietary staple, there has been a steady increase in demand as populations continue to grow and incomes rise. As suppliers look for new markets to sell their products, Torg offers a valuable platform for connecting buyers with quality suppliers from around the world.

The Versatile Uses of Wheats in Everyday Cooking

  1. Breakfast Boost:
    Add a healthy crunch to your morning routine with a hearty bowl of oatmeal, made from the finest organic wheats sourced from Spain. Top it off with some fresh blueberries and honey for a delicious start to your day.
  2. Homemade Pasta Paradise:
    Hosting an Italian-themed dinner party? Impress your guests with homemade pasta, using Torg's top quality semolina wheat flour imported directly from Italy. Your dishes will have that authentic Italian taste that everyone will rave about.
  3. Wholesome Snack Solution:
    Looking for a nutritious snack option? Look no further than Torg's selection of whole grain crackers made from premium wheats grown in the Mediterranean region. Perfect for dipping into hummus or pairing with your favorite cheese.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Bags & Boxes:
    Our wheats category offers a variety of packaging options for our b2b buyers. From bulk wholesale bags to private label boxes, we've got you covered. Our suppliers source high-quality wheat products from top producers in Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean regions. You can trust that our wheats are fresh and sourced ethically. Choose from our selection of b2b packaging options such as branded bags and jars that are perfect for retail sale or sourcing for your own business needs. With Torg, you can be sure to find the best wheats at competitive prices with efficient packaging.
  2. Private Label Jars & Cans:
    Are you looking to add diversity to your private label line? Our wheats category provides an array of packaging options that will elevate your brand image. From elegant tin cans to sleek glass jars, we have all the packaging solutions you need for your b2b business. Our suppliers specialize in sourcing Italian and European wheat products that are perfect for different types of pasta dishes or bakery items. With Torg, you can easily find the right packaging option to fit your branding needs while also ensuring quality wheat products for your customers.
  3. Pre-Packaged Bulk Bags:
    For those who value convenience, our pre-packaged wheats are a great option for easy sourcing. Our suppliers offer various sized bags of wheat products ready for wholesale purchase straight from the supplier's warehouse directly to yours. Whether you're a restaurant owner or a food distributor, this is a hassle-free solution that saves time and reduces costs on storage space. Plus with Torg's wide selection of European and Mediterranean sourced wheats, you'll always have fresh options at your fingertips.
  4. Sustainable Packaging Solutions:
    At Torg, we understand the importance of sustainability in today's market. That's why we offer compostable and environmentally-friendly packaging options for our b2b buyers. Our wheats category provides a range of packaging solutions such as biodegradable bags and boxes that are perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Our suppliers source high-quality wheat products from ethical producers in Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean regions so you can be sure you're getting the best while also being environmentally conscious.
  5. Specialty Packaging Options:
    Looking for something unique? Our wheats category also offers specialty packaging options for those who want to stand out in the market. From handwoven baskets to artisanal wooden crates, our suppliers have it all. These packaging options are great for exclusive private label lines or special gift sets. Our suppliers take pride in sourcing top quality wheat products from Europe's finest producers to ensure your unique packaging is filled with flavorful and authentic wheat products.

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