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Torg is the ultimate place to find high quality breakfast cereals for your business needs. Our platform connects buyers from all over the world with relevant b2b suppliers from across Europe and Mediterranean. With our selection of wholesale, private label and sourcing options, you can find the exact product you are looking for in no time!

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Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is the most common and cost effective way of shipping breakfast cereals for B2B buyers. It typically consists of large bags or boxes filled with a certain amount of cereal that can be shipped in bulk containers, allowing for larger orders to be processed more efficiently.
  2. Pouch Packaging: Pouches are a great option for B2B buyers looking to package breakfast cereals. They provide a convenient way to store and carry individual servings, making them particularly suitable for retail stores and cafés. Pouches also minimize food waste as they are resealable, so the cereal stays fresh longer.
  3. Flexible Packaging: Flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular due to its lightweight nature and low cost compared to other types of packaging materials. It's ideal for companies that need to transport large amounts of breakfast cereals over long distances as it helps reduce shipping costs while providing adequate protection from external elements such as moisture or contamination.

Sales Trends in Breakfast Cereals

  1. Growing Demand: Breakfast cereals have long been a staple of the Western diet, with consumption increasing steadily over the past few decades. The global market for breakfast cereals is estimated to be worth $53 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8%, driven by demand from health conscious consumers seeking healthy and nutritious options. In addition, manufacturers are increasingly focusing on launching products in different flavors and packaging formats in order to attract more customers and increase sales.
  2. Convenience Products: Within the breakfast cereal category, there has been an increasing trend towards convenience-oriented products such as ready-to-eat breakfast cereals which require minimal preparation time or no cooking at all. This shift has been driven by an increasingly busy lifestyle of many consumers which limits time for preparing meals in the morning. Private label brands have also gained significant market share due to their lower price point compared to brand name products.

Creative Breakfast Cereal Uses for B2B Suppliers

  1. Granola Bowl: Breakfast cereals are an incredibly versatile product that can be used in a variety of recipes and meals. A popular way to make use of breakfast cereals is by creating a healthy, protein packed bowl of granola. Combining oats, nuts and dried fruits with breakfast cereal makes for a great snack or even breakfast option. It’s also an ideal addition to yogurt and smoothies for added texture, flavor, and nutrients.
  2. Savory Dishes: Savory dishes don’t typically call for breakfast cereal as an ingredient but if you’re looking to add some crunchiness to your dish, it can be the perfect solution! From adding it directly into your food like parmesan popcorn chicken or coating vegetables before roasting them, the possibilities are endless. A creative option could include combining it with breadcrumbs when making veggie burgers or fish cakes - they won't look like typical cakes anymore!
  3. Sweet Treats: For those who are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without compromising their health - making desserts out of breakfast cereals is the perfect solution! Think no bake energy bars made from cereal combined with nut butter or yoghurt based trifles layered with crumbled up cereal - there's so much potential! And why not try baking cookies with various flavors of breakfast cereals? The options are truly limitless.