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Looking for the finest wheat flour type 150 on the market? Look no further! Torg has you covered with our wide range of b2b suppliers offering top-quality wheat flour type 150 sourced directly from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. With our private label options, you can create your own brand of premium wheat flour type 150. Discover new possibilities and elevate your business with Torg!

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schapfenmühle gmbh & co. kg logo
Schapfenmühle gmbh & co. kg
We are a tradition-conscious family business whose history dates back to 1452. Customer proximity, reliability and a high degree of quality awareness are values that we have adhered to since the very beginning. Our value chain – as a symbol of quality and trust – is both unique and our trademark simultaneously. It defines a consistent process from seed selection through to harvest and the final product. This process guarantees complete traceability all the way back to cultivation. The multi-faceted and varied range of SchapfenMühle products is made possible by our five business divisions.
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Wheat flour type 65
Baking mix
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Germany Franzenhauserweg 21 - Ulm-Jungingen
Certificates: All
mlin katic d.o.o. logo
Mlin katic d.o.o.
The main activity of our company is milling of wheat into different types of flour, feed flour and bran. The broad range and quality of various types of flour allows a wide choice for housewives and chefs. Our types of flour are used for a variety of purposes, for baking everyday bread, croissants, cakes, for baking the so-called "Ciabatte" and all other bakery products. We also deal with milling all other cereals. A special feature among our products are four different prepared mixtures of different types of flour. You can also find Milanese polenta among our prepared mixtures. It is a mixture of buckwheat groats and semolina. Both give polenta a special taste. We also prepare mixtures according to recipes or bakery instructions. We have strict controls of the raw material and the finished product and thus guarantee the quality and flexibility of flour. It should also be emphasised that an analysis sheet of flour is always attached to each order, regardless of the quantity. The analysis sheet shows all the basic parameters for baking. All products are carefully packed in different packaging - paper bags. We have prepared packaging for smaller users: 0.5 / 1 / 5 / 10 kg, and for those who need more, we always have a 25 kg packaging in stock. The most demanding customers can also order flour in bulk.
Bran bread
Buckwheat groats
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Slovakia Velika vas 1b - Leskovec Pri Krškem
Certificates: All
polish sugar (ksc) logo
Polish sugar (ksc)
Krajowa Grupa Spoywcza KGS offers a wide range of food products and services with a focus on integrated management systems. Explore our innovative technological installations in locations like Krasnystaw and Dobrzelin. Learn about our successful sugar campaign and accredited raw material laboratories. Contact us for more information on our food products and collaborations.
Oat flakes
Buckwheat groats
Tomato juice
Bolognese cannelloni
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Poland - - Toruń
Certificates: All
jawo krakow logo
Jawo krakow
Since 2017, we have been a direct producer of nut pastes and creams, both with 100% composition and with natural additives. Our own brand Pan Orzech won the first place in the Consumer's Golden Laurel 2019 plebiscite.
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Poland --- - Krakow

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Czech republic

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Fssc 22000

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