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At Torg, you can browse and source a variety of high-quality vanilla products from various trusted B2B suppliers. Our extensive selection of vanilla-related items is carefully curated to accommodate the requirements of businesses all over the world, offering both great value and unbeatable quality. Whether you're in search for wholesale or private label options, we are able to cater to all sorts of orders from Spain, Italy, Europe and beyond!

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eurovanille sas logo
Eurovanille sas
Products: Delicatessen products, gourmet food and staple food General provisions and staple foods Vanilla/vanillin sugar Product sector: Fine Food
Vanilla pods
Vanilla powder
Vanilla extract
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France Rue de Maresquel, 62870 Gouy-Saint-André, France - Gouy-Saint-André
Certificates: All
a. loacker ag logo
A. loacker ag
There is so much we could say about ourselves! We could start by saying that it all began a long time ago and that, since then, not a single day has passed without each of us being proud to be part of Loacker. Our long history, our lively traditions, and the precious recipes that we cherish like treasures, mean we can devote ourselves to the creation of goodness, with products that are renowned around the world. The satisfaction of working on something that brings pleasure to millions of people makes us love our work all the more. It gives us a love of life itself. Life for us is the people next to us, those we work with, those who identify with our products. Life is the environment, which turns to us for the attention it deserves. Life is authenticity, wholesomeness, and quality, which can only be achieved by commitment, planning, and dedication. At Loacker, we have no doubt: goodness is a choice.
Chocolates with praline
Cereal chocolates
Chocolate snacks
Flavoured chocolates
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Italy . - Auna di Sotto
Certificates: All
helwa wafelbakkerij b.v. logo
Helwa wafelbakkerij b.v.
Are you looking for a reliable, innovative Private Label partner in the biscuit category? Helwa Wafelbakkerij, wafer bakery from The Netherlands, develops and produces crispy, filled wafer products for more than 65 years. Wide product range We use our extensive experience in the production of traditional cream filled wafers and chocolate coated wafers to also produce gluten free, no added sugar and protein wafer snacks. Trends Helwa responds to the ever-changing trends and consumer preferences and we continuously develop innovative, new products. Recent examples include wafers with a filling of real fruit and wafers with an aerated chocolate filling.The fruit filling contains no fat and therefore excellently matches the wishes of health-conscious consumers. The aerated chocolate filling is widely used in luxury wafer products. Flexibility With our modern, flexible production facilities, expertise in the field of new product development and our implemented technologies we can adapt our products to your wishes. This applies to the size of the wafers, recipe, filling, coating and packaging.
Chocolate biscuits
Chocolate sprits biscuits
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Netherlands Doniaweg 41 - Hallum
Certificates: All
vilux logo
Vilux offers highquality products such as a wide range of vinegars, mustards, and oils to enhance your cuisine. They provide classic and flavored options in various formats catering to both professionals and home cooks. Vilux is known for its dedication to quality and environmental responsibility, making them a trusted choice for customers worldwide. Contact them for more information on their products and services.
Mixed mushrooms
Dried mushrooms
Black vinegars
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France . - .

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