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Get access to a selection of traditional products from all over the world with Torg! Our online b2b food marketplace is comprehensive and easy to use - allowing buyers to quickly find relevant suppliers in the traditional category. As well as offering a wide range of bulk items, such as olive oil, paella, risotto, rice, vegan beef and more; we also provide services like private label sourcing and wholesale purchasing.

Capture an image of traditional food products from a b2b supplier in Spain such as paella or olive oil. Focus on highlighting the texture, colors and ingredients of the product to create a visually appealing image. Make sure to incorporate relevant keywords such as b2b, supplier, sourcing, wholesale and private label when describing the photo.

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Traditional Products Usages for B2B Sourcing

  1. Restaurant Usage: Many businesses are using the traditional products from Torg to provide unique flavors and recipes in their restaurants. For example, restaurants that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine often rely on Torg's selection of olives, olive oil, paella mixes, risotto mixes and other traditional food products. By having access to a wide array of suppliers, they can find the right product at the right price to better serve their customers.
  2. Private Label Usage: Unique and high quality traditional products from Torg are also used by private label companies. Private labels have grown significantly in recent years due to its ability to provide good quality at lower prices for consumers. By using ingredients sourced from Torg’s marketplace, these companies are able to develop innovative products with unique flavors that stand out among generic brands.
  3. Corporate Gifting: Corporate gift giving is another notable usage of traditional foods available on Torg. Businesses will often source high quality items such as flavored oils, vinegars, snack mix or other food items which they can use as gifts for employees or partners. These gifts reflect an appreciation of culture and tradition which can be expressed through high quality ingredients found on Torg’s platform.