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Torg is your go-to destination for all your b2b food product needs, especially when it comes to the Tortilla category. Our platform is designed to make sourcing easier and faster than ever before. With our advanced search options, you can easily find what you’re looking for by selecting desired location, supplier type, or product specifications. We offer a wide variety of Tortillas from suppliers in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe as well as from the Mediterranean region. Whether you're looking for traditional or unique flavors – we've got it all!

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Capture the vibrant colors and textures of a fresh-cooked tortilla. Showcase its traditional preparation with various ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, and cheese. Emphasize the wholesome appeal of this beloved ingredient from Spain, Italy or other parts of Europe. Include an ethnic kitchen setting to show off its Mediterranean heritage.

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  1. Soft Tacos:
    Soft tacos are a variation of the classic tortilla, often served with fillings such as meats, cheese and vegetables. Like tortillas, they can also be used in various recipes like quesadillas, burritos or wraps.
  2. Tortilla Chips:
    Tortilla chips are made from corn tortillas cut into triangles and fried or baked until crisp. They are a popular snack food in Mexico, the United States and other parts of the world. Tortilla chips can be found in many varieties including flavored ones like salsa or nacho cheese flavor.
  3. Fajitas:
    Fajitas is a Mexican dish made from strips of grilled meat accompanied by onions and peppers that is served on a warm flour or corn tortilla. It's usually served as an appetizer or main course with sour cream, guacamole and salsa for added flavour.
  4. Arepas:
    Arepas are a traditional flatbreads made from ground maize flour which is then cooked on a flat surface to form round discs that can be split open and filled with savoury ingredients such as vegetables, meats or cheeses. They're commonly eaten in Venezuela and Colombia but have gained popularity worldwide due to their versatility.
  5. Tostadas:
    Tostadas are similar to tacos but instead of using soft tortillas to create them they use hard shells made out of deep fried corn tortillas . These shells can then be topped with various ingredients such as beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and meats making them an excellent option for quick meals or snacks.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging:
    Bulk packaging is a great option for buyers who are looking for large quantity orders or plan to store the product in warehouses. Bulk packs usually contain up to 25kg of product in one package. This kind of packaging is often used by b2b buyers from Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries.
  2. Pallet Packaging:
    Pallet packaging provides a stable and secure way of shipping large quantities of products across different destinations. It’s ideal for b2b buyers who need to transport hundreds or even thousands of kilograms of products at once. Pallets are especially popular in Europe and Northern Africa due to their robustness.
  3. VCI Packaging:
    VCI (vacuum controlled interior) packaging is an excellent solution when you need to protect your product against dust, moisture, acids, corrosion, and other external factors during transportation or storage. This type of packaging is particularly useful for b2b buyers from Asia that opt for private labels or require special conditions during transportation/storage phase.
  4. Foil Packaging:
    Foil packagings provide an airtight seal that protects the quality and freshness of the product inside while keeping it free from any bacteria or germs during transportation. This kind of packaging also facilitates safer transport as it greatly reduces spills and leakage risks compared to traditional cardboard boxes. Foil packagings are popular among b2b buyers from North America who want to ensure the safe delivery of their goods with minimal effort on their end.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tortilla?

Tortilla is a thin, unleavened flatbread made from corn or wheat flour. It is a staple food in many countries of the Mediterranean region and Latin America. Traditionally, tortilla was made by hand but today it can be found in many supermarkets in ready-made form. Buying large quantities of tortillas can be difficult for b2b buyers, as they need to identify reliable suppliers offering quality products at competitive prices. Torg can help you easily find the right supplier for your needs with its extensive database of b2b suppliers and private label products from all over Europe and the Mediterranean region.

How can I buy wholesale tortillas?

Torg provides buyers with an easy way to source high-quality wholesale tortillas from multiple suppliers in one convenient platform. With its vast database of food items and suppliers, buyers are able to browse through a wide range of products from different categories, compare prices and make informed decisions on their purchase choices. In addition, buyers can also benefit from Torg's personalized service that helps them find exactly what they’re looking for – whether it’s bulk orders or private label products – with ease.

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