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a variety of vibrant and colorful hot sauces in glass bottles, with branded labels and matching packaging, perfect for any private label or wholesale buyer looking to source unique and flavorful condiments from Spain and Italy

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gyma sas logo
Gyma sas
Gyma specializes in creating, producing, and distributing sauces for food service, industry, and retail. From mayonnaises to salad dressings, Gyma's wide range of products caters to all needs. As leaders in France and a reference in Europe for cold sauces, Gyma focuses on exceeding customer expectations through creativity, reactivity, and adaptability. Their commitment to excellence ensures maximum consumer satisfaction and a delightful culinary experience. Explore Gyma's values and products to elevate your taste buds!
Light mayonnaise
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France 90 espace d'act. Ste Anne - Vedene Cedex
Certificates: All
le picant feinkost gmbh & logo
Le picant feinkost gmbh &
This is something you can taste: Our quality promise Quality that melts in your mouth. This is what Le.Picant stands for. We are allowed to let you in on one of our secrets of success: freshness. And this requires a certain love of food. There are no compromises when it comes to quality and hygiene. This is why we have stringent quality control procedures in place. Whether herbs, vegetables, fruit, fish, meat, egg or oil: Every ingredient, every single one of our creations is tested during the whole production process to ensure impeccable quality. We are proud of our long-standing partnerships and only source high-quality ingredients from local farmers. Ingredients and products are inspected in our own laboratory - to achieve the best quality possible for our customers. The extensive quality management also includes the especially careful handling of ingredients. Our unique freshness concept is based on very short storage times. We deliberately refrain from adding artificial flavours, flavour enhancers and additives. Experience and an innovative spirit complement each other perfectly. This is why we are using state-of-the-art production facilities and, wherever the production process requires it, trust in the manual skills of our employees. We are well aware that "you are what you eat". And this is why we trust in tried and tested recipes, which combine the best of each individual ingredient into unique taste sensations. It’s not only us who love the taste of our products but many of our customers love it too. They have even been able to convince a panel of critical experts: In 2011 Le.Picant was awarded with the DLG "Preis der Besten in Gold" for the 19th time. We have received the Honour Prize for Food Products for the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for the second time in 2011. It is awards like these that confirm our quality promise. Le.Picant stands for quality you can trust.
Canned prepared salads
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Germany Industriestraße 4 - Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
Certificates: All
righetti alimentare logo
Righetti alimentare
Righetti Alimentare is a leading producer of mayonnaise and sauces under the Tusc Primalba brand since 1967. They focus on highquality products like mayonnaise, various sauces, mustard, and ketchup, made with original recipes and without compromising taste or quality. They also offer private label production for major Italian distributors. Their mayonnaise is a cold emulsion made from selected glutenfree ingredients, while their bio mayonnaise is made with organic ingredients and certified organic eggs. The sauces range includes rose sauce, tartar sauce, tuna sauce, and barbecue sauce, all glutenfree. Their mustard is made without preservatives, and the ketchup is produced using topquality tomatoes. Explore their variety of products available in different formats like buckets, bottles, and singledose packaging.
Barbecue sauce
Mustard sauce
Tartar sauce
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Italy . - .
boneco logo
The company Boneco a.s. is a significant food entity specializing in the production of food and semifinished products for food production with a wide range of products, including mayonnaise, sauces, pickles, delicacy snacks, and spreads. Their menu includes new items such as mayonnaise, tartar sauces, pickles, dressings, spreads, savory snacks, and more. Visit their website for recipes, contacts, career opportunities, and company history.
Prepared salads
Grated horseradish
French mustards
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Czech Republic . - .

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