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If you're looking for high quality Sea Salt, look no further! Torg is the leading marketplace for b2b sourcing of different varieties of sea salts from around the world. With suppliers in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe, as well as in the Mediterranean region, you can be sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Our diverse selection includes everything from coarse sea salts to fine-grained and flavored varieties.

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a. doukas m. douka
A. doukas m. douka "ariston hellas"
Ariston Hellas began in 2009 with the vision of bringing unadulterated Extra Virgin Olive oil, on of the largest selections of Infused Olive oils and Balsamic Vinegar, as well as traditional Mediterranean products to the EU, Middle East, North and South America, Oceana, and Asian markets. Our products continue to recieve multiple awards yearly and we provide both premium and economic solutions for your customers.
Extra virgin olive oil
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Greece Platonos 19 - gargalianoi
kryddhuset i ljung ab logo
Kryddhuset i ljung ab
Kryddhuset i Ljung AB is an entrepreneurial oriented family business with roots in Sweden and Italy, founded 30 years ago by Paolo and Camilla Labardi. We have gone from fulfilling a dream of being able to work together to a vision of adding creative and sustainable taste experiences in cooking. Since 2021, Kryddhuset is a part of the Swedish foodtech conglomerate Humble Group.
Olive oil sprays
Ice cream
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Sweden Industrivägen 3 - ljung
Certificates: All
Estuz eski̇şehi̇r tuz gida sanayi̇ ve ti̇caret a.ş.- dazkiri (afyon) site
The company Estuz specializes in providing a wide range of salt products, including industrial salts, water softening salts, road salts, retail salts, and specialty salts like sea salt, rock salt, and table salt. With a focus on quality and hygiene, Estuz aims to offer the best salt products to customers from various industries. Their vision is to be recognized as a leading salt brand, offering innovative products enriched with essential minerals for the human body. They are dedicated to preserving the natural richness of their salt sources. Contact them for your salt needs: deniz tuzu, gl tuzu, rafine tuz, sektrel tuzlar, and more on their website or social media platforms. [408 characters]
Sea salt
Tomato paste
Turkey Vehbi Koç Sanayi Bölgesi 93. Cd. No 10 Dazkırı - Afyonkarahisar
Certificates: All
Hoeksche Hoeve logo
Hoeksche hoeve
Hoeksche Chips offers delicious authentic chips made from sustainably grown potatoes on their farm near Dordrecht. With a variety of flavors like Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Pure Paprika, and Truffle, their chips are baked in 100% sunflower oil, lactose-free, and vegan-certified. Experience the taste of natural, crunchy chips that are perfect for any season. Enjoy the best authentic chips straight from the farm to your neighborhood!
Black peppers
Sea salt
Netherlands Boendersweg 36a - 's-Gravendeel
Certificates: All

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