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Torg is the go-to b2b food products marketplace for all kinds of businesses looking to source high-quality Tahini. Our database offers a wide selection of trusted suppliers from Spain, Italy, and other Mediterranean countries. Whether you need it for your restaurant or retail store, we have the perfect solution for you. With convenient product requests and quotes submission, we make sourcing easier than ever before. Explore our range of wholesale deals and customizable private label options to find the perfect fit for your business. Trust in Torg to connect you with top-notch Tahini suppliers in the market.

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Take a snapshot of a delicious tahini sauce being drizzled over a freshly made Mediterranean dish. Capture the rich and creamy texture as it blends perfectly with the other ingredients. Showcase this versatile ingredient that is perfect for any b2b wholesale business, restaurant or private label product line. Don't forget to highlight its origins from Spain, Italy, or any other European country.

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Torg is a global B2B food products marketplace where buyers can find high-quality Tahini products in one platform.
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The Health Benefits of Tahini

  1. Nutritional Benefits:
    Tahini is a popular and versatile ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, often used as a dip, spread or dressing. It is made from ground sesame seeds and offers many nutritional benefits. A 2 tablespoon serving of tahini contains about 180 calories, 16g of fat (mostly unsaturated), 6g of protein and 3g of fiber. Additionally, tahini is rich in vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. These nutrients are essential for maintaining strong bones, healthy blood cells and proper nerve function. With its high healthy fat content and low glycemic index, tahini can also help keep you full longer without spiking your blood sugar levels.

Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging:
    Our Tahini products come in a variety of packaging options, each designed to meet the needs of b2b buyers. For those looking for bulk purchases, we offer commercial sizes such as 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums. If you prefer smaller quantities, we also have jars and bottles ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz. Private label options are available for those interested in branding their own line of Tahini products. We source our Tahini from top suppliers located in Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries to ensure the highest quality product for our customers.
  2. Customizable Packaging:
    Are you looking to add a unique touch to your brand? Our customizable packaging is perfect for private label Tahini products. Choose from various shapes and sizes, such as pouches, tubes or even sachets. These options are ideal for businesses that want to stand out on store shelves or at trade shows. Our sourcing team works closely with suppliers in Europe and the Mediterranean region to provide you with the freshest Tahini products for your custom packaging needs.
  3. Pre-Packaged Options:
    Looking for convenience without sacrificing quality? Our pre-packaged Tahini options are perfect for b2b buyers who need ready-to-ship products. Available in jars, bottles or even single-serving packets, these packaging options make it easy to stock your shelves quickly and efficiently. With our wide network of suppliers across Europe and the Mediterranean, we can ensure a steady supply of freshly sourced Tahini products year-round.

Supply Chain Issues Caused by Climate Change

  1. Challenges Caused by Climate Change:
    The food industry has faced several supply chain issues in recent years due to economic, environmental, and political factors. One of the biggest challenges is climate change which has resulted in extreme weather conditions that have impacted crop yields. For instance, in 2021, Spain experienced its worst drought in over a decade leading to a decrease in tahini production. Another issue is the shortage of labor in certain regions especially during peak harvesting seasons. This can lead to delays in obtaining raw materials and increased costs for suppliers and buyers alike.

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