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Once upon a time there was a farm where a family lived…despite the beginning this is not a fable but a real story that has its origins in the first years of the XIX century and carries all traditions of Piedmontese cuisine. In the past 1944, indeed, granddad got married and with grandma bought a farm and a small field next to the house where he used to live with his parents. Although he was young he devotionally started to take care of a little vegetable garden where green plants of tomatoes, luxuriant sprigs of parsley, resistant grapevines and many other types of vegetables started to grow soon giving their most delicious fruit. Some time later the family multiplied and in a short period the farm expanded so that there were much hungrier family mouths to feed along with the helpers who worked in the plantations and took care of cattle. Grandma, a strong and dynamic woman, besides helping granddad to administrate the farm had also to feed all those mouths and used to prepare delicious sauces and tasteful delicacies that then became famous all over the region. Grandma, indeed, was used to put into practice what her family handed down from one generation to another: the good Piedmontese cuisine and all the typical recipes of our rural area. While grandma was cooking, granddad went on taking care of the plants in the fields, so to enlarge even more the varieties of vegetables and fruit necessary for his wife to prepare those appetizing recipes. Farm labourers increased to keep on providing the best salad, red and pulpy tomatoes, delicate and tasteful peppers, delectable green courgettes, sweet strawberries, yellow peaches and many other palatable fruit. Grandma used that precious product to prepare accurately her traditional family recipes like the bagna cauda, the Piedmontese hors d’oeuvre, yummy jams and many other dishes that became immediately very popular in the area. She was soon asked to cook her recipes for some noble families in the surroundings, therefore her work intensified and her cuisine became famous and well-known. Nowadays her recipes and traditions were and are employed to prepare the delicacies of our firm. For several years now grandma’s recipes, still hand-written on a little notebook with a leather cover, have been referred to every day following, in the slightest details, all advice of someone who has always carefully loved the healthy and genuine Piedmontese cuisine.
Frozen sauces
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Italy Via Garetta 40 - Genola (CN)
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Kaja food gmbh
Our passion is healthy nutrition. We believe that our society should eat healthier and more nutritious foods. Therefore, we have specialized in the contract manufacturing of functional and innovative food. With our know-how, we deliver individual product solutions from a single source, from compounds to capsules to the finished product. A few facts about us: - KAJA Food was created in 2015 from the takeover of various brands. - Our production is located in the beautiful city of Kempen on the Lower Rhine. - Here we produce on more than 5000 square meters in two shifts. - We produce dry mixes and snacks and fill them in large and small containers
Baking ingredients
Meat alternatives
Ready meals
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Germany Heinrich-Horten-Str. 22 - Kempen
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Maas-intersales b.v.
Bernard Maas (41) owner of Maas-Intersales has more than two decades of experience both in food product development and devising new non-food concepts. But he mostly feels at home in the food sector. Bernard Maas started his first food company in 1994 after he finished his study in the food sector. He established several companies in the Netherlands but has also been active in China for more than 15 years. In 2015 he had decided to transfer his own food brand "Nibble Time" and his extensive know-how into a new company named "Maas-Intersales". Import and export is a very familiar terrain for Maas-Intersales. The home market covers the entirety of Western-Europe. In addition to that, Maas-Intersales exports to more than 15 countries worldwide. Maas-Intersales features itself as a dynamic organisation in which the gained knowledge and experience is fully put into service for the customer. Service and quality are just as important as cost control. Maas-Intersales is also a responsible entrepreneur. All its production locations comply with the strictest requirements
Canned vegetables
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Netherlands Kerkhofstraat 21 - HG Valkenswaard
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Zaklady produkcyjne bigaj
Bigaj Production Plants - a group of family businesses which specialize in: contract manufacturing; raw materials trade; confectionery food products; technology advisory services; production advisory services; marketing advisory services. Our business is comprehensive and multi-faceted. We provide support in almost all areas of product development, from creating the concept and developing recipes, through obtaining all the necessary raw materials, selection of packaging, production, to the product introduction into the market. The network of our business contacts that we have achieved since the Company’s establishing, enables us to obtain components for production which are most difficult to obtain. In our cooperation with the Customers according to the Private Label model, we also remember about product/market fit. We build our business relations based on mutual trust, as we believe that only in this way can they be long lasting and mutually profitable. In our striving for applying most up-to-date solutions, we do not forget traditional values and high ethical standards.
Almond butter
Nut butter
Hazelnut spreads
Poland Wiejska 52 - krynica zdrój
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