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Related products and categories

  1. Natural Agave Syrup:
    This product is similar to tabletop sweeteners in that it is used as a healthier alternative to traditional sugar. It's also popular among b2b buyers who are looking for natural and organic ingredients for their products. With the growing demand for cleaner and healthier food options, agave syrup is a great addition to Torg's marketplace. Suppliers from Mexico or other Central American countries can provide high-quality agave syrup at competitive wholesale prices.
  2. Sugar-Free Maple Syrup:
    Just like tabletop sweeteners, this product appeals to health-conscious consumers who want to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing flavor. It's also a great option for b2b buyers who specialize in diabetic-friendly or keto products. By sourcing sugar-free maple syrup from suppliers in Canada or the United States, Torg can offer its clients a wide range of sweetening options.
  3. Honey Sticks:
    These single-serving honey sticks are perfect for on-the-go use, making them ideal for cafes, hotels, and restaurants that cater to tourists. They're also popular among private label brands looking to add unique packaging options to their product line. With Torg's access to suppliers from Spain and Italy, they can offer different variations of honey sticks such as wildflower or orange blossom honey.
  4. Monk Fruit Sweetener:
    Like tabletop sweeteners, monk fruit sweetener is an all-natural alternative to refined sugars. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its zero-calorie and low glycemic index properties. B2b buyers interested in sourcing healthy ingredient options will appreciate having monk fruit sweetener available on Torg's marketplace. Suppliers from China or Thailand are known for producing high-quality monk fruit extract at competitive prices.
  5. Organic Coconut Sugar:
    Another natural alternative to traditional sugars, organic coconut sugar is a perfect fit for Torg's target market. It's sought after by b2b buyers who specialize in vegan and paleo products due to its low glycemic index and rich mineral profile. Torg can source this product from suppliers in Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines or Indonesia, where coconut trees are abundant.

Supply Chain Issues Headline

  1. Rising Demand for Natural and Organic Sweeteners:
    Tabletop sweeteners have been facing supply chain issues in recent years due to a variety of factors. One major issue has been the rising demand for natural and organic sweeteners, leading to shortages in supply. As more consumers become health-conscious and seek out healthier alternatives to traditional sugar, suppliers are struggling to keep up with the demand.
  2. Climate Change Impacting Crop Yields:
    Another issue affecting tabletop sweetener supply chains is climate change. Changes in weather patterns, such as extreme droughts or floods, can significantly impact crop yields and production. This can lead to fluctuations in supply and pricing, making it difficult for suppliers to maintain consistent stock levels.
  3. Globalization of Food Industry Leading to Disruptions:
    The globalization of the food industry has also contributed to supply chain issues for tabletop sweeteners. With many countries importing and exporting products from different regions, disruptions in one part of the world can cause ripple effects throughout the entire supply chain.
  4. Trade Tariffs and Political Tensions Causing Logistical Challenges:
    In addition, trade tariffs and political tensions between countries have caused logistical challenges for suppliers sourcing tabletop sweeteners from certain regions. This can result in delays, higher costs, and potential shortages.

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