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Welcome to Torg's Sweet Potatoes category page! Whether you're looking for b2b suppliers, wholesale deals or private label options, our marketplace has got you covered. Our diverse selection of Sweet Potatoes from top suppliers in Europe, Italy and Spain ensures quality sourcing for all types of businesses. With Torg, you can easily browse and request quotes from specific suppliers at your convenience. Our user-friendly web application makes it simple to find the perfect supplier for your needs. Don't settle for less when it comes to Sweet Potatoes - trust Torg to connect you with the best in the market!

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Capture the vibrant, rich colors and textures of fresh sweet potatoes from local Mediterranean suppliers. Showcase their quality and versatility in dishes such as roasted sweet potato medallions or creamy sweet potato soup. Use natural lighting to capture the essence of these nutritious tubers, perfect for any b2b food business looking to expand their wholesale offerings.

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  1. Sweet Potato Flour:
    Sweet potato flour is a great alternative to traditional all-purpose or wheat flour. It is made by grinding dried sweet potatoes into a fine powder, just like regular flour. The result is a gluten-free and nutrient rich product that can be used in many dishes such as breads, pizza crusts, pancakes and more. Just like the sweet potato itself, sweet potato flour is a great source of vitamins A and C, potassium and fiber. Similar to Torg's offerings for Olive Oil and Flavoured Oil products, this category offers suppliers an opportunity to expand their business with private label options.
  2. Sweet Potato Chips:
    Sweet potato chips are another healthy alternative to traditional snacks such as potato chips. These crispy snacks are lightly salted making them perfect for those who want a balance of salty and sweet flavors while staying healthy. In addition to being gluten free and non GMO, these chips also offer the known health benefits of sweet potatoes which include boosting your immune system and promoting gut health. Like Torg's wide array of snack mix products this category offers supplier sourcing opportunities from countries where sweet potatoes grow abundantly such as Spain.
  3. Baby Food Purees with Sweet Potatoes:
    Babies love purees made with natural ingredients that are high on flavor but low on sugar or salt content. This makes baby food purees with sweet potatoes an excellent choice for new parents looking for wholesome meal options for their little ones. Along with carrots, applesauce or spinach variations, these baby food purees offer delicious combinations in convenient single servings that can keep up with busy schedules. Similar to other vitamin-rich products on Torg's marketplace there is potential in targeting European markets through private label deals.
  4. Organic Sweet Potato Dog Treats:
    Dogs deserve treats that are tasty yet nutritious too! Organic dog treats made with sweet potatoes are a popular choice for pet owners who want to give their furry friends something healthy and delicious. They are gluten-free, grain-free and rich in vitamins A, C, B6 and fiber which makes them an excellent choice for dogs of all ages. Just like Torg's offerings for Vegan Beef products, this category offers sourcing opportunities from suppliers who have high standards for using only organic ingredients in their pet treats.
  5. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burgers:
    A vegetarian burger option that is packed with flavor and nutrition! Made with sweet potatoes, black beans, spices and breadcrumbs these burgers are gluten-free and can be grilled or baked. The sweetness of the potato combined with the texture of black beans make these burgers very satisfying. Similar to other vegetable based dishes on Torg's marketplace such as Paella and Risotto there is potential when it comes to sourcing high quality ingredients from locations known for producing great sweet potatoes such as Italy.

The Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

  1. Nutritional Benefits:
    Sweet potatoes are a highly nutritious and versatile food that is often overlooked. They are a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them an excellent choice for adding more nutrients to your diet. Just one medium-sized sweet potato provides over 100% of your daily vitamin A needs, as well as significant amounts of vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. Additionally, they are low in calories and fat, making them a great option for those looking to manage their weight. With so many nutritional benefits, it's no wonder that sweet potatoes have become a popular ingredient in healthy meals.

Sweet Potatoes For Your Everyday Meals

  1. Breakfast Boost:
    Add a healthy twist to your breakfast with sweet potatoes! Whether you prefer them mashed, roasted or baked, these versatile root vegetables are perfect for savory or sweet dishes. Cut into wedges and bake in the oven for a crispy side dish or puree and mix into your pancake batter for extra nutrients. You can also add diced sweet potatoes to your omelette or scramble for a delicious and filling morning meal. With its natural sweetness, it's also a great alternative to regular potatoes in hash browns and home fries.
  2. Noodle It Up:
    Looking for new ways to incorporate greens into your diet? Sweet potato noodles are an excellent option! Spiralize the sweet potato and use it as a base for stir-fries or salads. You can also cook them in boiling water like traditional pasta and top it off with your favorite sauce. Not only does this add color to your dish, but it also adds vitamins A and C, making it a perfect addition to any lunch or dinner.
  3. Guilt-Free Treats:
    Who says you can't have dessert while staying healthy? Indulge in some sweet potato brownies without the guilt! Simply replace flour with mashed sweet potato for a fudgy texture and added fiber. You can even top it off with some chopped walnuts for extra crunch. This is not only great for satisfying your sweet tooth, but also perfect as an on-the-go snack during busy work days.

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