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Get the freshest apples from reliable suppliers worldwide with Torg. Our comprehensive market place offers a wide range of different varieties of apples from across the globe. Whether you are looking to buy in bulk or for private labeling purposes – we have got you covered. With our easy-to-use platform you can find the perfect supplier for your needs within minutes.

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Discover the Best Apples From Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is known for its world-renowned apples, which have been cultivated in the country since the Middle Ages. With a wide variety of flavor combinations, including sweet and tart varieties, Spanish apples are perfect for any recipe. The temperate climate and fertile soil make it ideal for apple production, with many suppliers specialized in producing high quality fruits. Torg offers easy access to these suppliers, helping buyers navigate the local supplier landscape and find what they need quickly and easily.
  2. Italy: Italy has always had an impressive apple culture thanks to its long history with agriculture. Italian apples are renowned for their high quality and unique flavor profiles that make them stand out from other regions around the world. Northern Italian producers specialize in traditional varieties like Golden Delicious while Tuscan producers create amazing blends of sweet and sour flavors. With Torg's help, buyers can access this exceptional selection of Italian apples with ease.
  3. Mediterranean Region: The Mediterranean region is home to some of Europe's finest apples, boasting a wide range of varieties that can be used in both sweet and savory recipes alike. Greek producers are particularly skilled at creating flavorful blends of sweet and acidic notes while those from Turkey excel at crafting aromatic apple products with complex aromas and tastes. Torg's marketplace makes it easy to source these carefully crafted products from all over the Mediterranean region quickly and reliably.
  4. Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe is known for its delicious selection of apples which feature intense sweetness as well as bright acidic notes that make them great for cooking or just eating on their own! Poland has had a long tradition of apple cultivation due to its favorable climate conditions, making it one of the most popular sources for delicious fruits throughout Europe! With Torg’s help you can easily find reliable suppliers offering top-notch products from this part of Europe - no matter if you're looking for single ingredient recipes or something more exotic!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of apple supplies does Torg offer?

Apples are a versatile fruit, popular in many different countries. When it comes to sourcing apples for businesses, Torg can help you find the right suppliers from all over the world. You can choose between large wholesalers, private label suppliers and small vendors depending on your needs. With thousands of products listed in our database, you’ll be able to find the perfect apples for you business.

Can I source apples internationally?

Yes! Whether you need to source apples from Spain or Italy, Europe or Mediterranean - Torg is here to help. Our platform provides access to numerous suppliers from all around the world so that buyers can find exactly what they need no matter where they’re located.

Can I find certified b2b apple suppliers at Torg?

Absolutely! With Torg, buyers have access to a huge selection of b2b apple suppliers all over the world. We provide access to wholesalers, retailers and private label producers who offer organic, conventional and specialty apple products with various certifications and packaging options.

Where can I find top quality sourced apples?

If you're looking for specific varieties or top quality products like organic or non-GMO certified apples then Torg is an excellent choice for your sourcing needs. Our powerful search engine helps you quickly find the best supplier for your requirements within minutes while comparing prices and other important metrics too!

Is there any way to order sample sizes through Torg?

At Torg we make sure that our buyers get exactly what they need without any hassle or long lead times. There’s no minimum order quantity requirement so even if you just want a few samples first you can easily request them through our website with just a few clicks before making any big decisions about larger orders.

Packaging Options

  1. bulk: Bulk packaging is the most often used form of packaging that is used in b2b transactions for apples. This type of packaging allows buyers to purchase large amounts of product at once, maximizing their efficiency and savings. Bulk packaging usually involves containers such as boxes, crates, or bags.
  2. flexible: Flexible packaging is a great option for buyers looking for convenience and portability when purchasing apples in bulk. Flexible packages can be made out of plastic film, metal foil, paper, or fabric and are often resealable which makes them ideal for storing and preserving food products.
  3. stand up pouchs: Stand-up pouches are an increasingly popular form of flexible packaging used by many b2b buyers when it comes to sourcing apples. These bags have a bottom gusset which allows them to stand upright on shelves or displays, making them perfect for retail applications.