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At Torg you can find an extensive selection of Sweet Chilli products from all over Europe and beyond. Our dedicated team of supply chain experts helps businesses to source top-notch Sweet Chilli at competitive prices. We understand that every business' needs are different when it comes to finding suppliers, so we provide tailored solutions based on your specific requirements. From private label production to large scale multi-country deals - our services cover any type of purchase you may need.

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Supply Chain Issues in Sweet Chilli Category

  1. Contamination, Rising Cost & Unfair Labor Practices:
    In the past few decades, the global supply chain of sweet chilli has been subject to numerous issues. One issue is contamination of sweet chilli with Salmonella bacteria, which can be dangerous for human health. Another issue is the rising cost of production due to changing climatic conditions and increased demand. Additionally, there have also been several reports of unfair labor practices within the sweet chili supply chain, such as illegal wages and work hours, as well as inadequate safety standards in processing plants. These issues are all concerning and need to be addressed by suppliers and regulators alike.

Sweet Chilli - Discover Suppliers Around The World

  1. Spain:
    Spain is known for its world-renowned production of sweet chilli, with a variety of regions across the country with a long history of harvesting and manufacturing it. In particular, the La Mancha region is renowned for its cultivation of sweet chilli peppers, while Spanish producers are also well known for their expertise in producing high quality condiments and sauces using the crop. Torg’s platform provides access to suppliers from all around the country who can help source different varieties and products related to sweet chilli through our comprehensive marketplace.
  2. Italy:
    Italy offers an abundance of sweet chilli peppers that have been cultivated in this country since ancient times. While many Italian growers focus on local development and sales, there are also numerous exporters that are able to source premium produce at competitive prices. Through Torg’s platform, buyers from all over the world can easily find reliable suppliers who specialize in Italian grown sweet chilli peppers as well as other related products such as sauces and seasonings.
  3. Greece:
    Greece is a major producer of sweet chillis, owing in part to its warm climate being ideal for growing them. The most famous variety found here is called Melagrisomos which has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its spicy yet unique combination of sweetness and heat. Greek farmers are known for operating large scale operations so businesses looking to buy bulk quantities will find what they need through Torg's network of trusted suppliers located throughout Greece.
  4. Morocco:
    Mediterranean countries like Morocco produce some great tasting varieties of sweet chillis that have become very popular amongst foodies globally due to their distinctive flavor profiles. High quality organic products produced by Moroccan farmers can be sourced quickly and easily via Torg's web application where buyers can browse hundreds of suppliers each offering their own unique range of spices, sauces and condiments related to this type of chili pepper.

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