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Looking for reliable sushi rice suppliers? Torg is here to help! We provide a wide selection of sushi rice products from trusted suppliers all over the world. Our marketplace makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to sourcing b2b, wholesale or private label deals. With our database of categories, you can quickly find great sushi rice products from some of the best suppliers in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sushi rice?

Sushi Rice is a type of short grain white rice that has been specifically developed for use in the preparation of sushi. It is traditionally grown in Japan and is highly valued due to its texture, flavor, and ability to absorb the flavors of accompanying ingredients. When sourcing sushi rice, buyers should look for high quality grains with an even texture and no discoloration or impurities. Torg can help you find the right suppliers who meet your requirements.

What is the difference between regular and sushi rice?

The main difference between regular and sushi rice is the amount of vinegar used during preparation. Regular short grain white rice requires only a light coating with vinegar while sushi rice needs to be thoroughly mixed with the vinegar so that each grain absorbs it equally. Additionally, sugar and salt are added to give it a unique sweet taste that pairs well with fish or other accompaniments used in making sushi dishes.

Where can I source good quality sushi rice?

Sushi Rice can be sourced from many different parts of the world depending on availability and buyer preferences. For instance, Japan produces some of the highest quality grains that have an even texture and delicate flavor profiles which makes them suitable for preparing many types of dishes including nigiri or maki rolls. Other countries such as Spain or Italy also produce top-quality products thanks to their climate conditions which make them perfect for this type of product. Torg can help you find reliable suppliers from all over Europe.

How do I choose a good supplier for purchasing bulk quantities?

When buying bulk quantities it's important to select a supplier whose product meets your needs both in terms of quality as well as price point. Some companies specialize in supplying premium grade grains while others offer competitive prices at lower grades so it's important to assess what fits best into your budget before selecting a supplier through Torg’s marketplace platform .

Can I get my own branded products when ordering large quantities?

Many companies offer private label services when it comes to sourcing bulk orders which means they will manufacture using your own brand name while still supplying you with high quality raw materials such as Sushi Rice at reasonable prices compared to buying readymade products from third parties . Torg's marketplace platform facilitates contact with reliable suppliers who provide private label services around Europe so buyers have access to various options when sourcing bulk orders .

Sourcing Delicious Sushi Rice Across 4 Locations

  1. Japan:
    Japan is the birthplace of sushi, with a centuries-long tradition of rice cultivation and sushi preparation. It's no wonder that Japanese sushi chefs are renowned the world over for their skill. With Torg, buyers can easily source high quality sushi ingredients from Japanese suppliers, whether they're looking for private label products or simply to find the best wholesale prices. With our extensive database and experienced team, it's easy to find the perfect supplier in Japan for your sushi needs!
  2. China:
    China is home to a large variety of delicious seafood and produce options that make fantastic additions to any sushi dish - from squid to seaweed and beyond. Torg can help you find trustworthy Chinese suppliers who can provide fresh ingredients at competitive prices so you can meet your customers' demands promptly and efficiently. Our team will be more than happy to assist you on finding the right deals in China!
  3. Spain:
    Spain has an impressive coastal cuisine full of unique flavors that lend themselves perfectly to inventive takes on traditional sushi dishes. At Torg, we have access to some amazing Spanish suppliers who can provide you with top quality products at unbeatable prices - plus our b2b platform makes it easy for buyers from all over Europe to take advantage of sourcing opportunities in this region without having to travel there themselves.
  4. Italy:
    Italy offers some incredible flavors and tastes that work wonderfully together when added into classic Japanese recipes like sushi! With Torg, it's easy for buyers across Europe - not just Italy itself - to source Italian ingredients for their meals without having the hassle of travelling there in person. And thanks to our experienced team and extensive database, you'll quickly find reliable suppliers in Italy who can provide everything your customers need!

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