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Are you looking for a reliable source of quality squash products? Torg is your one stop shop for all your b2b squash needs. We offer an extensive selection of squash varieties sourced from some of the most trusted suppliers across Europe. Our platform provides you with access to a variety of different types of squash, from Italian favorites like zucchinis to Spanish delicacies such as calabacín, as well as organic, gluten free, vegan and even organic options sourced directly from farmers in Italy, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. With Torg you can find whatever your business requires!

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Capture the colourful beauty of a squash dish - from fresh ingredients to the finished product. Showcase the vibrant colours and flavours of squash in its natural state or cooked. Include detail of texture, shape and form of a variety of squash varieties, with an emphasis on b2b supplier sourcing and wholesale private label opportunities. Embrace the Mediterranean culture through exploring local suppliers across Spain, Italy, Europe and beyond.

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Squash Buying Trends

  1. Growing Consumer Demand:
    In the last decade, squash has seen a steadily increasing demand in b2b markets across Europe and the Mediterranean. This is mainly driven by an increased consumer demand for fresh vegetables with unique properties, such as vibrant colors, natural sweetness and high nutritional value. Suppliers of wholesale, private label and sourcing services have responded to this by offering an ever expanding selection of squash varieties from all over the world.
  2. Impact of Global Pandemic:
    The global pandemic has had a noticeable effect on the buying and selling patterns for squash around the world. Many suppliers have reported an increased demand for squash due to its long shelf-life and ease of storage compared to other perishable vegetables. Other suppliers have noted a decrease in sales due to decreased restaurant orders and overall market insecurity.

Understanding Supply Chain Issues in the Squash Industry

  1. Climate Change-Related Crop Failure:
    The global squash industry has been adversely affected by climate change, with droughts and heavy rains leading to crop failure in many areas. Additionally, the higher demand for squash due to its increasing popularity as a health food has caused shortages of certain varieties in some regions. As an international B2B food supplier, Torg is well aware of these supply chain issues and is working hard to ensure that buyers have access to quality produce at competitive prices.
  2. Crop Disease Outbreaks:
    Squash crops are susceptible to various diseases and pests which can devastate yields if left unchecked. Diseases like downy mildew and bacterial wilt can be particularly pernicious, affecting entire farms in some cases. To minimize the potential for losses due to disease outbreaks, Torg works closely with suppliers around the world to ensure that their crops are regularly inspected and treated according to best practice standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is squash?

Squash is a type of vegetable that is commonly used in a variety of dishes. It has many different varieties, ranging from pumpkins to zucchinis. Squash is popular with both consumers and businesses due to its versatility, affordability and health benefits. As a b2b supplier, Torg can help you find the right squash supplier for your business needs, no matter what shape or form you desire.

Where can I find wholesale suppliers for squash?

For businesses looking to source squash, Torg offers an extensive selection of suppliers who specialize in all types of squash products such as pumpkin puree, zucchini slices and more. Whether you are looking for products from Spain, Italy or elsewhere around the Mediterranean region or Europe, Torg can help you find the right choice for your business.

Can I find private label agreements for squash?

Private label agreements are popular when it comes to sourcing food products like squash. This type of agreement allows businesses to have their own brand name attached to the product they are sourcing from their chosen supplier. With Torg's wide range of suppliers and offerings, you are sure to find the perfect private label agreement quickly and easily.

How do I ensure quality when sourcing squash?

Due to its popularity among consumers and businesses alike, there is always a high demand for quality squash products. At Torg, we make sure our suppliers adhere to strict quality standards so that our buyers know they are getting only top grade produce every time they purchase through us.

Is it possible to sample squash before buying it?

Sampling options are available on Torg depending upon the product desired and the country it originates from (if applicable). Sampling allows buyers an opportunity to inspect the goods before making any commitment towards purchasing them in bulk volumes. Contact one of our account managers today for more information on sampling options!

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