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Torg offers a wide range of food categories and products to cater different businesses. We also provide b2b sourcing, wholesale, and private label deals. Among our selection is Sodium Cyclamate which you can find from suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe, Mediterranean or other potential markets. Let us help you find the right product at competitive prices!

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Sodium Cyclamate for B2B Buyers, Suppliers, and Private Label Manufacturers

  1. Sweeten Up Your Products with Sodium Cyclamate:
    Looking for a healthier alternative to sugar? Look no further than Sodium Cyclamate! Commonly used as an artificial sweetener in various food and beverage products, Sodium Cyclamate is 30 times sweeter than regular table sugar. It also has no calories, making it perfect for those watching their weight or with health concerns. As a supplier on Torg's b2b food products marketplace, you can easily source high-quality Sodium Cyclamate from reputable manufacturers in Spain and Italy. Whether you're producing soft drinks, baked goods, or dietary supplements, adding Sodium Cyclamate to your private label brand will give you the competitive edge you need.
  2. Elevate Your Culinary Creations with Sodium Cyclamate:
    Did you know that Sodium Cyclamate is not only a great sugar substitute but also a flavor enhancer? Many end-consumers are turning to this versatile ingredient to add depth and richness to their dishes without the added calories. From marinades and dressings to canned fruits and jams, there's no limit to the creative ways that consumers are using Sodium Cyclamate in their cooking. As a buyer on Torg's platform, you can easily connect with suppliers across Europe and the Mediterranean who offer high-quality Sodium Cyclamate at wholesale prices. Start incorporating this multi-functional ingredient into your product line today!
  3. Save Big on Sweeteners with Sodium Cyclamate:
    Are you tired of constantly restocking your supply of artificial sweeteners? Look no further than Sodium Cyclamate - the cost-effective solution for all your sweetening needs! With just one-tenth of the cost compared to other popular substitutes like Stevia or Saccharin, it's no wonder why many businesses are turning to this budget-friendly option. Don't compromise on quality - join Torg's network of suppliers who offer Sodium Cyclamate in bulk, making it easy for you to stock up and meet the demands of your customers. Take advantage of this affordable ingredient and watch your profits soar!

Packaging Options

  1. bulk_packaging:
    Our Sodium Cyclamate is available in a variety of packaging options to cater to the needs of our b2b buyers. Choose from bulk bags, drums, or cartons for your wholesale or private label purchase. Our bulk bags contain 25kg of Sodium Cyclamate, perfect for large-scale sourcing and production. If you prefer smaller quantities, our drums come in 5kg sizes and are ideal for businesses looking to try out new products. For easy handling and storage, we also offer carton packaging in 1kg pouches. Whatever your business needs may be, Torg has the perfect packaging option for your Sodium Cyclamate purchase.
  2. jar_packaging:
    Are you looking to source Sodium Cyclamate from Spain or Italy? Look no further than our Mediterranean-inspired glass jars! These beautifully designed jars are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide excellent protection against external factors such as moisture and sunlight. Available in 100g and 500g sizes, they are perfect for boutique shops looking to carry unique products sourced from Europe's top suppliers. With Torg's convenient online platform, you can easily browse through our selection of premium glass jar packaging options and order directly from the comfort of your office.
  3. eco_friendly_packaging:
    For those seeking environmentally friendly options, we offer plastic-free packaging solutions for our Sodium Cyclamate products. Our compostable paper pouches come in various sizes to suit different buyer needs - choose from individual portions or larger packs for commercial use. Not only do these pouches reduce plastic waste, but they also keep the product fresh with their airtight seal design. Torg is committed to sustainability and providing eco-conscious alternatives that meet the demands of b2b buyers across Europe.

Short and Long Term Sales Trends of Sodium Cyclamate

  1. Increasing Demand:
    Sodium Cyclamate is a popular artificial sweetener used in many food and beverage products. It has been commonly used in the European market for decades as a sugar substitute due to its low calorie content. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for sodium cyclamate from b2b buyers looking for healthier and more natural alternatives to traditional sweeteners. This trend is expected to continue with the rise of health-conscious consumers and the growing popularity of private label products. Additionally, suppliers are now sourcing sodium cyclamate from countries like Spain and Italy, known for their high-quality food ingredients.
  2. Fluctuating Sales:
    The use of sodium cyclamate has faced some challenges in recent years with concerns over its safety and potential health risks. This has resulted in stricter regulations on its use in certain markets, leading to a decline in sales. However, with advancements in technology and research, suppliers have been able to create safer and more natural versions of sodium cyclamate that are gaining traction among buyers. As Europe continues to be a major player in the global food industry, it is expected that sales of this category will remain steady or even see growth in the long term.

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