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Welcome to Torg's Self-Raising Wheat Flour category! As a leading b2b food products marketplace, we offer a wide selection of high-quality flour for all your culinary needs. Our database is filled with reputable suppliers from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean region, ready to provide you with the best offers on wholesale deals and private label options. From cakes to breads to pancakes, our self-raising wheat flour ensures consistent results every time. Trust us for all your sourcing needs and discover why Torg is the go-to destination for businesses worldwide!

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A premium self-rising wheat flour product displayed in a sleek packaging, perfect for private label supplies. The golden-brown flour is imported directly from the top suppliers in Spain and Italy to ensure that your business gets the best quality ingredients. With Torg's vast network of wholesale suppliers, you can easily source this versatile baking ingredient without breaking a sweat. Elevate your baking game with our world-class self-rising wheat flour today!

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W & H Marriage and Sons Limited – Chelmer Mills (Chelmsford) logo
W & h marriage and sons limited – chelmer mills (chelmsford)
Marriages Millers has been expertly milling quality flour since 1824, catering to both home bakers and professionals. Their flour range includes bread, cake, pastry, and specialty flours like artisan and wholegrain options. With a focus on quality and tradition, they source local wheat and work with farmers to create award-winning flours. Their carefully selected and tested flours have won 60 Great Taste Awards, ensuring exceptional bakes every time. Whether you're a home baker or a professional, Marriages Millers' flour guarantees a high-quality bake with outstanding crust, color, and crumb.
Wheat bread flour
Self-raising wheat flour
United Kingdom Chelmer Mills New Street - Chelmsford
Certificates: All
Wm. Nelstrop & Co Ltd logo
Wm. nelstrop & co ltd
Nelstrops Family Millers have been milling the finest flour for over 200 years, providing award-winning flours for all types of baking. Their exceptional range of specialty bread, cake, pastry, and pizza flours are favored by top artisan bakers across the country. Customers rave about the quality and service provided by Nelstrops, with their flour being praised as the key ingredient for seriously good bread. With a wide selection of premium flours, including traditional, wholemeal, spelt, and rye options, Nelstrops ensures that every bake delivers superb flavor and texture.
Self-raising wheat flour
United Kingdom Albion Flour Mills Lancashire Hill - Stockport
Certificates: All
Al Matahin, Bahrain Flour Mills Company B.S.C. logo
Al matahin, bahrain flour mills company b.s.c.
For Bahrain Flour Mills Company, with 50 years of experience, they pride themselves on being the leading mill in Bahrain since 1970. They ensure that their flour products meet the local market's demand and are supported by the Bahrain government. From importing to milling and packing, they offer a wide range of flour products to satisfy their customers.
Self-raising wheat flour
Bahrain Building 1773, Road 4236, lock 342 342 - Al Ghuraifa Bahrain
Certificates: All
Grain industries limited
Grain Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer in Kenya, providing high-quality grain products that are toxin-free and environmentally friendly. They offer a diverse range of products such as home baking flour, maize flour, and industrial bakers flour. With a commitment to quality and extensive distribution network, they ensure consistent quality and value for money. Nourishing lives one grain at a time, Grain Industries Limited is dedicated to improving living standards and contributing to local communities while acting responsibly and ensuring safety.
Self-raising wheat flour
Certificates: All

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