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Torg offers the best selection of salted products from all over the world. Our marketplace connects buyers with trusted suppliers who source their products from across the globe. With our advanced search tools, you can easily find the perfect product for your business at the right price. Whether you’re looking for salted food items to stock up on or need to source private label goods, Torg has it all.

Capture a photograph of salted food products - such as olives, snacks, chips, or other snacks - in a vibrant and colorful setting. The photo should highlight the wholesomeness and freshness of the product while also emphasizing the high-end quality from a Torg supplier. Focus on European locations such as Spain or Italy to bring out a Mediterranean flavor to your image.

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Recent Supply Chain Issues in the Salted Category

  1. Food Waste: One of the biggest issues plaguing food production and distribution in the salted category is food waste. Each year, millions of tons of food are lost to spoilage before they even reach stores due to improper storage or incorrect temperatures. This has a significant economic impact, as well as environmental implications from discarded food going to landfills.
  2. Illegal Fishing Practices: Another common issue is illegal fishing practices which often involve large vessels using unsustainable methods for catching fish that ultimately depletes populations and degrades ecosystems. Additionally, aquatic species may also be caught incidentally in bycatch during these operations. Illegal fishing has been linked to unsustainable overfishing, human rights abuses, and undermining legitimate businesses who operate legally and responsibly.
  3. Poor Regulation: Poor regulation of seafood products can lead to health and safety risks for consumers if substandard products make their way into the supply chain. Improper handling or storage can cause contaminated seafood to enter the market posing a risk for illnesses such as salmonella poisoning or other bacterial growths. Moreover, some suppliers may even mislabel items so consumers don’t know what they’re actually buying or eating.

Salted Products For Any Occasion

  1. Salted Snacks For Gatherings: Salted snacks are one of the most popular items used for parties and gatherings. They can be used to liven up a dull gathering or give it an extra boost. Whether entertaining with dips, chips, nuts, pretzels or other salted delicacies, there is something for everyone. With Torg’s wholesale pricing model, you can get your supplies at a cheaper price than retail. Nowadays, many suppliers offer private labeling options so that you can create custom branding for your business.
  2. Seasalt & Gourmet Spices: A pinch of salt added to any dish makes it more flavourful and enjoyable. The right type of salt can turn an ordinary meal into something memorable! With Torg’s global sourcing network, you can find the perfect supplier from Spain or Italy to help bring out a unique flavor in all your dishes. Whether you need Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes for seasoning seafood dishes or Coarse Kosher Salt for pickling vegetables, Torg has the ideal product for any culinary needs!
  3. Enhanced Coffee with Salts: Did you know that adding salt to coffee grounds before brewing enhances the flavor? This is because it reduces bitterness and adds sweetness and complexity to each cup! With Torg’s selection of salted products from European suppliers, you can find high quality salts suitable for all kinds of uses like this one. From French Grey Sea Salt to Finishing Fleur de Sel Salt from Portugal - now even your coffee grounds will taste better!

Buying Trends In The Salted Category

  1. Increasing Demand In B2B Market: Over the past few decades, demand for salted products has increased significantly in the business to business (B2B) market as more buyers look to source products from reliable suppliers. Companies are increasingly utilizing private label salted products or seeking out wholesale suppliers of salted food items from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. Overall, demand for salted food items is expected to continue increasing into the long-term as businesses expand their sourcing options.