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At Torg, we offer a wide variety of high-quality sage products from Spain and Italy. With our b2b marketplace, buyers can easily source and compare suppliers to find the best deals for their business. We cater to all kinds of food categories and are ready to assist with any sourcing needs. From private label options to wholesale purchases, our platform provides a convenient way to browse and request quotes from top suppliers. Whether you're looking for dried sage leaves or fresh sage oil, Torg has you covered with our extensive selection. So why wait? Start exploring our marketplace today and elevate your business with the best sage products on the market.

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Sage is a popular herb used in many Mediterranean dishes. It is known for its distinctive aroma and taste, which can add depth and complexity to any dish. Whether you are looking for b2b suppliers or sourcing wholesale products, Torg has got you covered. Our vast selection of sage products from Spain, Italy, Europe and beyond will satisfy all your cooking needs. From dried sage leaves to sage-infused olive oil, we have everything you need to elevate your dishes. So why wait? Browse our extensive collection today and see the difference sage can make!

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Sanita gida sterilizasyon ve kurutma san. tic. ltd. sti.
Sanita specializes in sterilizing dried food products using heat treatment and steam. They offer a variety of sterilized items such as spices (cumin seeds, anise seeds, etc.), herbs (oregano, bay leaves, etc.), and seeds. Sanita's expertise in ETO sterilization ensures microbiologically safe food products.
Coriander leaves
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Turkey Kemalpasa Yolu Üzeri Kızılüzüm Koyu Mevkii - Kemalpasa
Certificates: All
wollenhaupt vanilla logo
Wollenhaupt vanilla
Wollenhaupt Tea GmbH is a tea wholesaler in Hamburg with over 130 years of expertise. They offer a wide range of highquality teas and ingredients, including black, green, white, fruit, herbal, and organic teas. Their products also include tea accessories such as porcelain, glass, and metalware, as well as tea preparation tools. They focus on quality, certification, and sustainability, catering to both largescale and individual clients with customized tea blends and packaging options.
Fruit teas
Herbal tea blends
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Germany . - .
Certificates: All
gerald mcdonald logo
Gerald mcdonald
Gerald McDonald Co has been a leading supplier in the food drink industry since 1917. They offer a wide range of products including fruit juices, concentrates, citrus, purees, herbs, spices, and curry powders. With over 100 years of expertise, they provide quality assured ingredients with no minimum order quantity, blending and storing in their purposebuilt UK facilities. They are known for their exotic Japanese citrus juices and also have a development lab for creating new products.
Fennel seeds
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United Kingdom - - -
Certificates: All
Adida Spices Co. For Industry & Trade logo
Adida spices co. for industry & trade
Adida Spices offers a wide variety of quality spices, herbs, and oriental blends, all proudly Lebanese and ISO 22000 certified. Their products are 100% natural without any artificial additives, ensuring freshness and top quality. Whether you're looking for traditional Lebanese flavors or innovative spice blends, Adida Spices has got you covered. Experience the taste of healthy and authentic Lebanese cuisine with their top-notch products since 2007.
Ginger powder
Cinnamon powder
Flax seed flours
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Lebanon Dawhet Aramoun -Beirut-Lebanon - Dawhet Aramoun
Certificates: All

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