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Welcome to Torg's Saffron category page! Our marketplace offers a wide range of high-quality Saffron products for all types of businesses. Whether you're looking for b2b wholesale sourcing or private label options, our suppliers from Spain, Italy, and Europe have got you covered. With Torg, you can easily find the perfect Saffron product that fits your needs and budget. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your dishes with the rich flavor and color of Saffron. Explore our selection now!

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Looking for the finest quality saffron? Look no further! Torg offers an amazing selection of b2b saffron suppliers from Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. Whether you need private label or wholesale options, Torg has got you covered. Explore our range of premium saffron products and elevate your dishes with its rich aroma and beautiful color. Don't miss out on this exquisite spice, sourced from the best suppliers across the globe. Order now!

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Giacomini srl
In 1900 Nazareno Giacomini establishes a firm in Milano for processing and trading saffron and dried “boletus edulis” mushrooms. Today, one hundred years later, the firm has become one of the leaders in its line of trade, thanks to the experience acquired and by the increased, improved and updated technical and commercial structures. Nazareno Giacomini's successors. the firms still owned by the same family, have given the firm a flexible and efficient organization in order to satisfy at the best the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign clients. Production processes are certified according to international standard ISO 9002, the best guarantee for what concerns quality and hygienics. Giacomini. since 1900
Dried mushrooms
Porcini mushrooms
Dried mixed mushrooms
Canned porcini mushrooms
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Certificates: All
Delta Spice Land for Exporting Medical and Aromatic Plants logo
Delta spice land for exporting medical and aromatic plants
Delta Spice Egypt is a company established in 2002 that specializes in treating and exporting high-quality herbs, seeds, and spices. They produce a wide range of products from their farms in Fayoum, Beni Suef, and Minya, including chamomile, cardamom, coriander, and more. Their production process prioritizes quality and sustainability, with careful selection of raw materials and thorough quality control. Delta Spice Egy is dedicated to customer satisfaction and has become a highly sought-after trade mark in the industry. Contact them for premium herbs, spices, and seeds.
Fenugreek products
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Egypt Lot 74/65, 6th October City - Giza
Certificates: All
Consorzio il biologico societa' coop.
Products: Associations, organisations, trade press, services, IT Associations and organisations Associations Organisations Ministeries, government agencies Joint advertising campaigns Training, consulting Trade press Specialist literature/Trade publications, trade and technical publishers Services, IT IT services Cleaning and hygiene Logistics/transport Services for the trade Services for the out-of-home market E-Commerce Advanced training and continuing education HACCP consulting Certification Quality management Corporate and human resources consulting Other services Organic products Organic delicatessen products, gourmet, general provisions and health foods Organic general provisions and staple foods Organic pasta (non-chilled) Organic rice and rice products Organic potato products Organic grain products Organic cereals, muesli, cornflakes Organic pulses Organic soya products Other organic nutrients Organic fruit, vegetable and mushroom preserves Organic pickled products Organic fish preserves Organic antipasti (preserved) Organic olives Other organic preserves Organic ready-meals (non-chilled) Organic soups and soup products Organic salad dressings Organic seasonings and sauce seasonings Organic essences and aromas Organic herbs and spices Dried organic fruit and vegetables Organic nuts, almonds, kernels Organic oils and fats Organic food for babies and children Other organic dietetic food Organic cocoa and chocolate products Organic pralines Organic Sugar Confectionery Organic snack products Other organic confectionery and organic snack products Frozen organic products Frozen organic fruit and vegetable products Frozen organic meat products Frozen organic fish and seafood products Frozen organic ready-meals Frozen organic baked goods Organic ice cream Other frozen organic products Organic meat, meat products and meat substitute products Organic beef Organic pork Organic poultry Organic game Organic meat products Organic preserves containing meat Organic meat substitute products Other organic meat and meat products Organic fresh convenience, fish and fish substitute products Chilled and sliced organic fruit and vegetables Chilled organic delicatessen salads Chilled organic soups and stews Chilled organic sauces and dressings Chilled organic pasta Other organic side dishes/ingredients Chilled organic ready-meals Chilled organic fish substitute products Other chilled organic products Fresh organic fruit and vegetables Organic milk and dairy products, Milk substitute products Organic milk and dairy products Organic cream and cream products Organic cheese Organic butter Organic milk-based desserts Organic dried milk products Organic eggs and egg products Organic lactose-free milk and dairy products Organic milk substitute products Other organic milk and dairy products Organic bread, baked goods and spreads Organic bread and small pastries Organic fine baked goods, long-life baked goods Organic jams and spreads Organic honey Other organic spreads Organic drinks Organic fruit juices Organic vegetable juices Organic soft-drinks Organic grain drinks Organic soya drinks Other organic non-alcoholic drinks Organic beer and mixed beer drinks Organic wines Organic sparkling wine/ Organic champagne Other organic drinks containing wine Organic spirits Organic hot beverages Organic coffee Organic tea Organic cocoa Organic Free From, Health & Functional Foods Organic gluten-free products Product sector: Associations, organisations, trade press, services, IT Organic
Apple cider vinegar
Frozen champignon mushrooms
Canned shiitake mushrooms
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Verka S.a.s di Desideri Giulio & C. logo
Verka s.a.s di desideri giulio & c.
Verka is a producer of granular broths and spices for supermarkets, offering a wide range of seasonings and flavor enhancers for pasta, meat, and fish. Their services include distribution of dehydrated sauces and grocery products. Verka's high-quality products include traditional and organic broth cubes, spices, and pink salt for the food industry.
Powdered saffron
Dehydrated sauces
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Italy Via Archimede 18, - Arbizzano di Negrar (VR)
Certificates: All

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