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Looking for high-quality pumpkin seed oils for your business? Look no further than Torg - the ultimate b2b food products marketplace. Our extensive selection of pumpkin seed oils are sourced from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, and all over Europe. With Torg, you can easily buy wholesale or request a private label option to meet your specific needs. Whether you're looking for traditional pumpkin seed oil or unique flavored options, Torg has got you covered. Explore our vast database of products and let us help you find the perfect pumpkin seed oil for your business.

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Take an up close photograph of a bottle of pumpkin seed oil being poured over a bowl of fresh salad. Ensure that the green color of the oil is highlighted and the label of the bottle is clearly visible. Place the bowl on a rustic wooden surface to add an organic and natural touch to the image. This photo is perfect for promoting your b2b pumpkin seed oil sourcing services in Spain, Italy, Europe, or any Mediterranean market.

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gea d.o.o. logo
Gea d.o.o.
Leading oil refinery and the only edible vegetable oil refinery in Slovenia since 1904, offering a wide selection of vegetable oilsSpecializes in producing highquality vegetable oils rooted in a rich tradition dating back to 1904Products Various oils, seeds, delicacies, floursproteins, gift program, responsible oil productionstorage, waste oil management, health tips, recipes, and more
Sunflower oil
Dried fried onions
Salads with meat
Rapeseed oil
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Slovenia - - Slovenska Bistrica
Certificates: All
henry lamotte oils logo
Henry lamotte oils
Calendula blossoms, shea nuts, linseeds, sunflower seeds: As a leading supplier and producer, we at Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH extract oils, vegetable butter, waxes, seed flours and oleoresins from a wide range of natural products. Our supply chain is based on long-standing experience, the highest quality standards and daily cooperation in partnership with our production partners around the globe, at our site in Bremen or in our oil mill Lipos.
Argan oils
Safflower oils
Palm oil
Almond oils
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Germany Merkurstrasse 47 - Bremen
Certificates: All
podor logo
100 natural, unfiltered premium oils made from the best raw materials all year round, freshly coldpressed, including fruit and balsamic vinegars. PDR offers premium oils, balsamic vinegars, fruit vinegars, and other handmade products such as sauces, gourmet salts, pesto, and glutenfree flours. Additionally, they provide a wide range of highquality oils including olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and walnut oil. Explore their variety of products for a unique culinary experience.
Ready meals
Camelina oils
Peanut butter
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Germany . - .
Inner Mongolia Pumpkin Bio Tech INC logo
Inner mongolia pumpkin bio tech inc
Inner Mongolia Pumpkin Bio Tech Inc is dedicated to providing high-value vegetable proteins and healthy oil sources. They prioritize the best quality products by minimizing excessive processing to preserve natural nutrition and edible value in their seed kernel products. With a commitment to consumer satisfaction, they offer pumpkin seed protein powder, oil, watermelon seed protein, sunflower seed protein, and more. Contact them to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with their natural and nutritious products.
Pumpkin seed oils
China Shanba Industry Park, Hangjinhouqi, Inner Mongolia - Bayannur City
Certificates: All

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