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Are you looking for the best protein powder to get your business off the ground? Look no further than Torg, where suppliers from all across Europe, Mediterranean, and beyond come together to provide buyers with an unbeatable selection of protein powder options. Whether you’re seeking organic or conventional products, vegan alternatives or something else entirely, you can find a variety of wholesale and private label supplies that meet your needs. Our team makes sure that all our suppliers are reliable and trustworthy so that buyers can source their desired product efficiently and without worry.

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alprotein logo
Welcome to AlProtein's B2B platform, dedicated to advancing sustainable protein production for businesses. We specialize in high-quality, organic protein powders, focusing on Spirulina and water lentils, crafted for food manufacturers and industrial use. Our diverse product range includes Spirulina Powder, Water Lentil Powder, specialized protein blends for vegan cheese manufacturers, and an organic methylcellulose replacement for vegan meat producers. Each product is developed through innovative, AI-driven biomanufacturing, ensuring a sustainable, high-performance solution for businesses looking to integrate eco-friendly ingredients into their offerings.
Protein powder
Vegan burger
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nfg - new food group gmbh logo
Nfg - new food group gmbh
We are a German private label manufacturer, specializing in sugarfree, protein and vegan products. We offer: - chocolate products - chocolate clusters - chocolate bars - granola bars - protein bars - protein powders - cookies - pralines
Protein powder
Chocolate bar
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Germany Helmut-Reimann-Str. 3 - schlüsselfeld
laborell logo
Laborell is a contract manufacturer specializing in creating dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. Their services include developing formulas, selecting suitable raw materials, designing manufacturing processes, creating branding concepts, and handling all aspects of production logistics. With a focus on quality, knowledge, and experience, Laborell ensures that each product meets customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Contact them to successfully sell your product and benefit from their modern technology, scientific research, and creative solutions for building a leading brand.
Health supplement
Pet food supplement
Protein powder
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Poland Wola Batorska 908 - wola batorska
urbandiet sl logo
Urbandiet sl
Products: chocolate, chocolate products Dark chocolate/Dark cream chocolate Capuccino chocolate Superior dark chocolate/Superior full-milk chocolate Cocoa powder, retail packs Instant cocoa powder, retail packs Chocolate crisp Milk chocolate Hazelnut milk chocolate Tablet of filled chocolate squares Cream chocolate Creme chocolates Chocolate with imprinted designs Chocolate bars, filled/solid Chocolate biscuits Chocolate sticks, solid/filled Chocolate balls coated in vermicelli Sugar-free chocolate Sugar-reduced chocolate Fine bakery products Pastry with fructose and/or sweeteners/Diet pastry Bbiscuits assortments/chocolate coated biscuits Spiced biscuits Cakes Orange biscuits Wafers, filled / without filling / plain wafers coated in chocolate Lemon biscuits Sugar-free biscuits Sugar-reduced-biscuits Fat-reduced biscuits Snack foods Pork scratchings Crackers (water biscuits) Biscuit snacks Vegan snack foods Sugar-free snacks foods Product emphasis: Fine bakery products Snack foods Trend subjects: Functional Private label Sugar free Vegan Vegetarian Target and outlet markets: Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe Western Europe
Dark chocolates
Dark chocolate biscuits
White chocolate biscuits
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Spain C/ Italia 23 , 17600 Figueres - 17600

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