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At Torg, we specialize in providing businesses all around the world with high-quality high-protein products. We offer an immense selection of food products that meet even the most demanding tastes - including vegan beef, flavoured oils, snacks mixes and much more! Our top suppliers provide users with a convenient way to source high-protein products from all over the world - so you can find exactly what you need without compromising on quality or cost.

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Looking for a high protein snack? Discover our selection of delicious vegan beef jerky from Spain and Italy. Perfect for b2b sourcing, wholesale deals, or private label options. Try it now!

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arte bianca srl logo
Arte bianca srl
ArteBianca has always developed products and services to cater to the needs of large retailers, not only with its own brands but also with the labels of its partners. We are producing toast bread without crust and have launched a unique protein bread.
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Italy . - .
Certificates: All
nutribio logo
At Nutribio, we believe that feeding life in the best and more natural way today will ensure a healthier and happier tomorrow. That is why, since 37 years, we take pride in developing high nutritional and organic solutions to feed current and new generations, at every stage and state of their life.
Nut bars
High in protein
Cereal bars
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France ZI de Rouval - Doullens
Certificates: All
uop srl sb -newsnacks logo
Uop srl sb -newsnacks
We are producers of innovative organic snacks. We mix selected organic raw ingredients in order to produce snacks with the best nutritional benefits to meet the needs of the market. Without ever forgetting that a snack must first of all be tasty…
Chocolate snacks
Potato chips
High in protein
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Italy Via Rocciamelone 15 - almese (to)
molino rossetto s.p.a. logo
Molino rossetto s.p.a.
Molino Rossetto offers a wide range of flour and baking products for cakes, cookies, pizza, and more. They provide various types and qualities of flour including Kamut, type 00, corn, whole grain, organic, and glutenfree flours for individuals with celiac disease. Their primary focus is on selling online flour for bread, pizza, and sweets, as well as baking mixes for cakes, cookies, and pizza. With a commitment to sustainability, they have introduced ecofriendly packaging. Join their ecofriendly mission and become an ambassador to promote their products. Contact them for reliable shipping and customer service.
Other cereals
Whole common wheat flours
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Italy - - CODEVIGO (PD)
Certificates: All

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