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europa pl logo
Europa pl
EUROPA PL specializes in the technical side of snack and beverage development. Our insistence on setting the highest standards for research, quality, and client support has made EUROPA PL a trend-setting force.EUROPA PL specializes in the technical side of beverage development. Our insistence on setting the highest standards for research, quality, and client support has made EUROPA PL a trend-setting force.
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Greece 1-3 FILLELINON STREET - Piraeus
uop srl sb -newsnacks logo
Uop srl sb -newsnacks
We are producers of innovative organic snacks. We mix selected organic raw ingredients in order to produce snacks with the best nutritional benefits to meet the needs of the market. Without ever forgetting that a snack must first of all be tasty…
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Potato chips
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Italy Via Rocciamelone 15 - almese (to)
maas-intersales b.v. logo
Maas-intersales b.v.
Bernard Maas (41) owner of Maas-Intersales has more than two decades of experience both in food product development and devising new non-food concepts. But he mostly feels at home in the food sector. Bernard Maas started his first food company in 1994 after he finished his study in the food sector. He established several companies in the Netherlands but has also been active in China for more than 15 years. In 2015 he had decided to transfer his own food brand "Nibble Time" and his extensive know-how into a new company named "Maas-Intersales". Import and export is a very familiar terrain for Maas-Intersales. The home market covers the entirety of Western-Europe. In addition to that, Maas-Intersales exports to more than 15 countries worldwide. Maas-Intersales features itself as a dynamic organisation in which the gained knowledge and experience is fully put into service for the customer. Service and quality are just as important as cost control. Maas-Intersales is also a responsible entrepreneur. All its production locations comply with the strictest requirements
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Netherlands Kerkhofstraat 21 - HG Valkenswaard
brandsxpansion - fmcg group logo
Brandsxpansion - fmcg group
Brandsxpansion is one of the biggest Spanish FMCG food groups operating in international markets with its own brands and developing private brands for large clients and retail chains. Our main value as a supplier is the commitment to projects and customers, together with continuous innovation in unique products that allow the end consumer to enjoy a different consumption experience when eating snacks. We have 2 large factories in Spain and we control all the processes, from the collection and selection of the raw material until the bag reaches the customer's warehouse, so we help our partners to develop their projects and study how to scale them and make them grow in the next 5-10 years from the launch.
New product expo '22
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Spain Avenida teniente Montesinos 10 17A - murcia
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