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Get the best b2b sourcing experience with Torg's large selection of plant-based products. Our platform allows buyers from all over the world to browse an immense selection of vegan and vegetarian food items from Europe, Spain and Italy. We offer everything from Olive Oil to Paella or Risotto to Rice and Vegan Beef. You'll also find a wide range of flavoured oil, vitamin and vinegar for all your needs.

Capture a vibrant image of plant-based food items, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes. Include ingredients from different sources like organic farms or local markets to emphasize the diversity of plant-based diets. Highlight the health benefits that come with eating plant-based foods – no cholesterol or saturated fats found in them! Focus on colors and textures for an attention grabbing and appetizing photo.

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Packaging Options

  1. Bulk Packaging: Bulk packaging is the most common way of sending products in large quantities, and is the preferred option for B2B buyers who are looking to purchase items in bulk. It allows suppliers to easily and safely package large orders and send them to buyers efficiently.
  2. Customized Packaging: Customized packaging offers an opportunity to add a unique touch to your product presentation. It can be used to highlight key aspects of your product or brand, such as logos or text, making it easier for buyers from around the world to identify your products at a glance.
  3. Private Label Packaging: Private label packaging allows companies to customize their own branded containers with logos and other identifying information that makes it easier for customers to recognize their product offering. This type of packaging also helps create a distinct identity for brands within the marketplace.
  4. Vacuum Packing: For more delicate items like food products, vacuum packing may be required in order to ensure that they stay fresh while in transit. Vacuum packing reduces air exposure, reducing spoilage during shipping, making this an ideal option for b2b buyers looking for long distance transportation solutions.
  5. Jumbo Sacks: Jumbo Sacks are large bags made of woven polypropylene fabric which can hold up to 2 metric tons of goods at once. These sacks offer an efficient way of transporting bulk materials over long distances without compromising on quality or safety standards during shipment. This is especially beneficial for B2B buyers shipping products all around Europe or Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy.

Buying Trends for Plant-Based Products

  1. Increasing Popularity: Plant-based foods have become increasingly popular in the past few decades, as consumers have become more aware of the health and environmental benefits. The b2b sector has been no exception to this trend, with suppliers catering to private label and wholesale orders for vegan and vegetarian products. This trend is particularly strong in countries like Italy, Spain, and other parts of Europe.
  2. Rising Demand: In recent years, plant-based food suppliers have seen a sharp rise in demand due to an increase in the number of vegan restaurants and meal delivery services across Europe. Private label orders for plant-based products from countries like Spain and Italy have also increased significantly as buyers look for unique ingredients that meet their customers' dietary needs.

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