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Welcome to Torg, the leading b2b food products marketplace in Spain, Italy and all over Europe. Our vast selection of Plain Salty Snacks will satisfy all your business needs, whether you're a restaurant owner, retailer or distributor. With Torg, you can easily find and connect with reliable suppliers and get competitive quotes for your desired products. We offer a wide range of options for private label branding as well. Our Mediterranean suppliers are known for their high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes that will surely impress your customers. Start browsing our database now and discover the perfect Plain Salty Snacks for your business!

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A set of 3 delicious bags of plain salty snacks, perfect for any party or gathering. Made from the finest ingredients sourced from Spain and Italy, these wholesale private label snacks are sure to impress your guests. Whether you're a supplier looking to add new products to your selection or a buyer searching for the best b2b deals, Torg's Plain Salty Snacks category has got you covered. Enjoy these crispy and savory treats with friends and family while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean.

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We take pride in being Poland's largest producer of caramel nuts, boasting a remarkable 30-year track record that has established us as a reliable and trusted partner in the industry. As a producer, our reputation is built on an extensive range of production capabilities and a high production capacity. Our topmost priority is ensuring the safety and quality of our products, and we adhere to international IFS standards to guarantee excellence. Our diverse assortment of delectable treats includes a wide range of options: Nuts in caramel A mixture of dried fruits Raw and roasted nuts Salty snacks featuring dried fruit, coated nuts, crunchy corn, and broad beans Fruit and nut bars Energy balls Fruits and nuts coated in chocolate Premium pralines and sugar-free chocolates Corn chips with chocolate Driven by a passion for unique flavors, we craft captivating sweets, all while upholding the highest standards in ingredient quality. We take immense joy in creating delightful treats and cease our efforts only when we're sure we have achieved perfection. Should you wish to purchase any of our products or explore the possibility of creating your private label, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are eager to collaborate with you in delivering exceptional sweet indulgences to the world. Meet our second brand CHAOS be my box - a collection of unique gift sets. Choose the ones that best help you emphasize the unique emotions of unforgettable moments or ask us about personalization.
Chocolate ice cream bars
Salty sesame snacks
Vegetable snacks
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Poland Fabryczna 6 Wrocław - wrocław
dijo baking sp. z o.o. logo
Dijo baking sp. z o.o.
Products: Bread, baked goods and spreads Bread (fresh, frozen, partly-baked) Flat breads Tortillas Other bread types Small baked rolls Pretzels Bagels Spreads Jams Fruit spreads Glutenfree baked goods Glutenfree baked goods Delicatessen products, gourmet food and staple food Delicatessen sauces and seasonings Grill sauce/barbecue sauce Salsa Sauce Other seasonings and seasoning sauces Confectionery and snack products Sugar confectionery* Snack products* Other confectionery* Free From, Health & Functional Foods Reform products and functional food Protein-containing products Gluten-free food Frozen food and ice cream products Frozen baked goods Frozen bread and rolls Product sector: Out of Home Trend subjects: Clean Label (organic, natural and non-GMO products) Convenience & Snacking Halal private label Distribution channels: Products (Manufacturer's brand) for the food wholesale and retail trade Products for food service and catering Provided products (private label) for the food and wholesale and retail trade Target and outlet markets: Australia Germany Northern Europe Others Eastern Europe Southern Europe Türkiye Western Europe Outbound: Germany, Cologne │ Anuga Germany, Cologne │ ISM
Canned berries
Frozen strawberries
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Poland Zabrodzie 28, 52-351 Wrocław, Poland - -
Certificates: All
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Lema s.r.l. - leini' (to)
"Experience the authentic flavors of Italian tradition with Grissini Torinesi. Using only the finest and most genuine ingredients like Italian olive oil and local flours, our products, including classic grissini and organic farro snacks, are a healthy and delicious choice. Discover our private label options, representing 80% of our total production volume, offering special recipes and personalized packaging. Embrace the taste of tradition with Grissini Torinesi."
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Bread crumbs
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Italy Via Leopardi, 13 - LEINI' (TO)
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Loc maria biscuits
Products: Fine bakery products Butter pretzels/butter pastries/butter biscuits Triangle wafers/Flat wafers Bbiscuits assortments/chocolate coated biscuits Butter cakes Butter cakes Wafers, filled / without filling / plain wafers coated in chocolate Wafer assortment / wafer rolls / wafer fingers Snack foods Cocktail biscuits Cheese biscuits/assorted cheese snacks/cheese wafers/ cheese rolls Salted snacks (pretzels/assortments/sticks) Biscuit snacks Product emphasis: Fine bakery products Snack foods Trend subjects: Private label Target and outlet markets: Australia Brazil Canada China Colombia East Africa India Japan Mexico Middle East New Zealand North Africa Northern Europe Others Central America Others Eastern Europe Others Oceania Russia South Africa South East Asia Southern Europe Türkiye USA West Africa Western Europe
Salted nuts
Chocolate sprits biscuits
Stick biscuits covered with chocolate
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France 1 Rte de Pelineuc, 22100 Lanvallay, France - Lanvallay
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