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Are you looking for high-quality, delicious Plain Biscuits? Look no further! Torg offers a large selection of top-rated suppliers from Spain, Italy and all over Europe. Our b2b marketplace makes it easy to source and compare products, request quotes and make deals. Whether you're a business owner or retailer, Torg has got you covered with our private label options. Enjoy hassle-free shopping and find the perfect Plain Biscuit supplier on Torg.

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Looking for the perfect wholesale supplier of private label plain biscuits from Spain or Italy? Look no further than Torg's vast selection of Mediterranean-inspired snacks, including our famous European-style biscuit varieties. Discover the rich history and authentic flavors of plain biscuits at Torg today!

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Dolci peluso srl
Peluso offers a wide range of Sicilian products such as Modica IGP chocolate, almond pastries, and almond milk. With just a click, you can purchase their high-quality and flavorful products like pistachio chocolate, citrus pastries, and almond snacks. Explore their delicious offerings and bring a taste of Sicily into your home!
Plain biscuit
Sweet snack
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Italy 97015 Modica, Free municipal consortium of Ragusa, Italy - Modica
Certificates: All
Lotus Bakeries logo
Lotus bakeries
Lotus Bakeries offers indulgent natural snacking options worldwide through popular brands like Lotus Biscoff, Nakd, Trek, Bear, and more. They provide a wide range of products, from innovative fruit splits to protein bars, catering to various consumer preferences. Lotus Bakeries continues to attract new consumers globally with their unique Biscoff taste and ongoing product innovations, including the launch of Lotus cake donuts and Nkd bars. Explore their selection of delicious and innovative snack options!
Energy bars
Healthy snack
Chocolate biscuity bars
Cereal snack
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Belgium 9 bis place du Château - Comines
Certificates: All
Läckerli Huus AG logo
Läckerli huus ag
"Lckerli Huus offers a variety of Swiss delicacies such as Basler Lckerli, Chocolates, Pralines, and Biscuit Specialties. They also provide gift packages, seasonal treats for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas, as well as customized gifts for individuals and corporate clients."
Cream pies
Plain biscuit
Chocolate rabbit
Breakfast biscuit
Switzerland Flachsackerstrasse 50 - Frenkendorf
Certificates: All
Akij Bakers Limited logo
Akij bakers limited
Akij Bakers Ltd. is a renowned bakery offering a wide range of delicious products including biscuits, cookies, buns, bread, cakes, and wafers. They aim to provide new, healthy, and tasty products to cater to the diverse tastes of the people in Bangladesh. With a legacy of half a century, Akij touches many lives through their premium quality bakery items. Experience the joy and happiness in every bite with Akij Bakers Ltd.'s delectable creations.
Biscuit with milk
Butter biscuit with chocolate
Chocolate confectioneries filled with wafer
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Bangladesh Shilmun, Tongi, Gazipur, Bangladesh - Gazipur
Certificates: All

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