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Are you looking for a reliable source of b2b peas? Look no further than Torg! We provide a wide selection of high-quality peas sourced from trusted suppliers in Europe and beyond. Our easy-to-use marketplace allows businesses to quickly find the perfect supplier for their needs, at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for private label, wholesale, or sourcing options, Torg has it all!

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Discover Peas from Around the World

  1. Spain: Spain is a go-to destination for top quality peas, especially when it comes to green varieties. Suppliers in Spain are known for their commitment to sustainability and organic production, making it an ideal partner for high-quality sourcing. Peas have been grown in the Mediterranean region since ancient times, and Spanish suppliers are renowned across Europe for providing some of the best peas on the market. With Torg, buyers benefit from access to local connections and reliable partners that bring freshness and flavor to every order!
  2. Italy: Italy is a great source for yellow split peas and other types of dried legumes. The country has long been known as a leader in food production, with centuries of experience in both traditional farming methods as well as modern technologies. Italian suppliers offer excellent quality control standards, ensuring that each batch of peas meets buyer satisfaction expectations. The country's close proximity to other European countries makes it an ideal sourcing partner for buyers looking for quick turnarounds on orders. With Torg, buyers can easily find reliable sources of Italian peas with just a few clicks!
  3. India: India is one of the largest producers and exporters of peas in the world today. Indian farmers have perfected growing techniques over generations that make them able to produce large quantities of high-quality peas at competitive prices. There's no shortage of variety either; Indian suppliers offer everything from chickpeas to black-eyed peas along with all types of specialty legumes like urad dal or rajma chawal! With Torg's easy search tools, buyers can quickly find trusted Indian suppliers who meet their needs without leaving home.
  4. China: China is one of the top global sources for frozen green pea products due its vast production capabilities and leading cold storage technology infrastructure. Chinese suppliers are renowned around the world for their exceptional product quality standards which they employ through tight regulations such as HACCP certification requirements. Buyers can also benefit from China’s efficient transportation network which allows them to get fresh products delivered quickly anywhere around the world. With Torg, buyers will be able to easily find reliable Chinese partners who meet their specifications without any hassle!

Creative Uses of Peas for B2B Suppliers and Wholesalers

  1. Vegan Beef Substitute: One creative application of peas is in the production of vegan beef. By combining peas, mushrooms, and other ingredients, suppliers can create a high-quality vegan alternative to traditional beef that still offers the same texture and flavor. This can be used as part of larger dishes or used as substitute for beef in recipes like burgers. With this product, suppliers can cater to health-conscious consumers who are looking for plant-based proteins to include in their diets.
  2. Unique Snack Mixes: Another use for peas is in the production of unique snacks. By blending together a variety of flavors from different spices, seasonings, vegetables, and fruits along with peas, suppliers can create tasty snack mixes that appeal to a wide range of consumers. These snacks offer an easy way to enjoy something delicious while providing customers with the nutritional benefits of consuming peas.
  3. Flavored Oils: A third potential application for peas is as a base for flavored oils. By infusing olive oil or other types of oil with various herbs and spices combined with pea puree or crushed pea flakes, suppliers can make flavorful oils with multiple uses such as marinades and dressings. This type of product provides customers with a way to add extra flavor to everyday dishes without demanding too much effort on their part.

Common Supply Chain Issues for Peas

  1. Food Safety: One of the most common supply chain issues with peas is related to food safety. In recent years, there have been multiple outbreaks of foodborne illnesses linked to frozen or canned peas. To prevent this, it is important for buyers and suppliers to source their products from reliable sources and ensure that they are stored at the correct temperature and handled properly throughout the supply chain process.
  2. Climate Change: Another problem that has affected the pea supply chain in recent years is climate change. Warmer temperatures have caused earlier flowering of certain varieties of peas, resulting in shorter harvest periods as well as difficulties in ensuring uniform quality across different batches. Farmers and suppliers must work together to mitigate these risks and ensure that crops are harvested at the right time.