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Are you looking for a reliable supplier for peaches? Look no further! At Torg, we have a large selection of quality peaches sourced from trusted suppliers throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. Whether you need bulk or private label supplies, we have it all here. Our online marketplace makes it easy to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and conveniently. Explore our range today!

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Recent Supply Chain Issues for the Peach Category

  1. : In recent years, a major challenge faced by peach suppliers and buyers has been the increase in freight costs. This is due to rising fuel prices, as well as increased regulations around emissions control. As a result, it has become more expensive for buyers to source peaches from international suppliers.
  2. Increasing Freight Costs:
  3. : Another common issue for peach suppliers is the lack of availability of premium quality peaches. This is due to climate change effects on farmers and decreases in total harvest size caused by droughts and other extreme weather events. Suppliers have had to find new ways to provide high quality produce while also controlling costs.
  4. Lack of Availability of Premium Quality Peaches:
  5. : One of the most pressing challenges facing peach growers today is food safety concerns related to foodborne illness outbreaks like listeria monocytogenes and salmonella. These diseases can be difficult to detect and prevent without proper testing protocols and oversight by regulatory agencies. As a result, buyers must ensure they are sourcing from reliable, certified suppliers that comply with all applicable food safety standards.
  6. Food Safety Concerns:

Related products and categories

  1. Apricots: Apricots are a close relative to the peach and both fruits have similar characteristics such as being juicy, sweet, and full of flavor. Apricots can be used to make jams, jellies, juices, syrups and desserts. They are also popularly used in many Mediterranean dishes alongside olive oil, nuts and spices.
  2. Nectarines: Nectarines are closely related to peaches and share similar taste and texture characteristics. Both fruits have soft skins that can be easily peeled off. Nectarines can also be eaten raw or cooked down into sauces and preserves just like peaches. They are often used for baking or adding sweetness to savoury dishes.
  3. Plums: Plums belong to the same family as peaches and share some nutritional qualities such as high levels of Vitamin A & C as well as dietary fibre. Plums come in a variety of colours from yellow or green to purple/black skin and red/yellow flesh. They are perfect for making jams, chutneys, pies or cakes due to their sweetness when ripe or sourness when unripe.
  4. Cherries: Cherries belong to the same family as peaches too but they offer more tartness than sweetness which makes them ideal for using in drinks, mueslis or salads rather than on their own as a snack fruit like the Peach does. Although cherries don't look like peaches at all they do share some similarities such as being rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants that help protect the body from diseases like cancer & cardiovascular disease.
  5. Figs: Figs are another stone fruit highly related to peaches with similar taste profiles; however unlike Peaches Figs tend not to be eaten raw but rather cooked down into spreads or added into baked goods instead due its dense texture when ripe that doesn’t break down quite so easily when compared with Peaches’ softer consistency. Figs have been grown for thousands of years by Mediterranean farmers who use them extensively in cooking especially with meats like pork or poultry where it adds an extra depth of flavour that complements nicely with other aromatic ingredients such as herbs & spices .

Creative Ideas for Using Peaches in Your Business

  1. : Peaches are the perfect ingredient to add to muffins, pies, and cobblers. Whether you're a bakery or a restaurant, peaches can be used as a sweet addition to many recipes. Peaches make an inviting topping for pancakes and waffles, as well as a great filling for dumplings and pastries. It's also possible to create delicious peach smoothies with pureed peaches, yogurt, honey, and vanilla extract.
  2. Food Products:
  3. : Private label beauty products made with peaches have become increasingly popular. Peach extracts can be added to face masks, creams, and lotions for a natural rejuvenating effect on skin. They can also be included in lip balms or body scrubs for extra hydration and nourishment. Natural peach soap is also an excellent option for those looking for chemical free beauty solutions.
  4. Beauty Products:
  5. : There are numerous benefits of using peaches in craft beer brewing. Peaches provide subtle aromas which enhance the flavor of malts used while adding an additional layer of complexity in taste. Their sweet profile provides sweetness which balances out bitterness from hops while creating unique flavor profiles when combined with other fruits or spices such as honey or lavender.
  6. Craft Beer Brewing: