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Are you looking for the perfect Pastry product? Look no further than Torg! Our platform offers a wide selection of pastries from all over the world for you to choose from. Whether it's Mediterranean, Spanish or Italian pastries that you're after, we have it all and at unbeatable prices! With our vast database of suppliers and wholesalers, you can be sure to find exactly what you need. Plus with our private label options, you can create your own unique pastry products without any hassle!

Capture a mouth-watering pastry dish with vibrant colors and texture, from a bakery in Spain, Italy or another Mediterranean country. Show the potential of quality supplier sourcing from Torg's platform for b2b wholesale and private label products.

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Buying Trends in Pastry

  1. Growing Trend: Pastry has seen a growing trend in sales for the past few decades, particularly in Europe. During the past 10 years, demand for pastry increased significantly due to its various uses and health benefits. Additionally, a rise in b2b and private label businesses have led to an increase in wholesale and supplier sourcing of pastry products. In countries like Spain and Italy, the Mediterranean diet has popularized many different types of pastries such as croissants, brioche, puff pastry, churros etc., driving sales further.
  2. Natural & Organic Ingredients: With more people becoming health conscious and looking for healthier food options there has been a growth towards buying more natural and organic ingredients when it comes to pastries. These products are often marketed as ‘clean label’ foods which are free of artificial additives or preservatives to ensure that buyers get healthy products that don’t compromise on taste. This trend is expected to continue as demand for such products increases over time.

Related products and categories

  1. Croissants: Croissants are a type of pastry, which is similar to the main category of Pastry. They are typically buttery and flaky and can be filled with sweet or savoury fillings. Croissants are popular in Europe, especially in France and Italy, as well as other Mediterranean countries such as Spain. Torg is well-positioned to source high-quality croissants from these countries and provide them to customers all over the world at an affordable price.
  2. Biscotti: Biscotti are another type of pastry that are similar to the main category of Pastry. They traditionally come from Italy and consist of twice-baked cookies that have a crunchy texture. These sweet treats have become increasingly popular around the world, and Torg offers a wide selection of biscotti from top suppliers in Europe for wholesale, private label, b2b or retail purposes.
  3. Doughnuts: Doughnuts are a classic pastry which is similar to the main category of Pastry. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different flavors ranging from plain glazed doughnuts to more elaborate versions filled with jam or custard. Torg has suppliers across Europe and beyond who offer premium quality doughnuts for b2b suppliers looking for competitively priced ingredients for their products.
  4. Danish Pastries: Danish pastries are a variation on traditional pastries that originated in Denmark but spread throughout Europe over time. These light, flaky pastries come in many shapes and sizes, often with bright icing or creamy fillings like custard or chocolate cream inside them. Through its extensive network of international suppliers, Torg can assist businesses looking for sourcing options when it comes to Danish pastries from countries like Spain or Italy at competitive prices.
  5. Strudel: Strudels are another variation of pastries that originate from Austria but have become popular among many European countries over time due to their delicious taste and easy preparation methods. Strudel is made by stretching out thin layers of dough filled usually with apples but also other fruits such as cherries or plums depending on the region where it’s prepared; therefore they represent an excellent b2b sourcing option for food companies looking into expanding their product range through European suppliers provided by Torg’s platform

Creative Uses of Pastry Products

  1. Creative Ingredient Combinations and Shapes: Bakers are always looking for ways to make their pastries stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by adding creative ingredients or shapes to give a unique twist on traditional recipes. For example, green tea powder and matcha can be added to sweet pastry doughs, while cocoa powder can be used in savory doughs. By using different shapes such as croissants, turnovers, and kolaches to create unique items like chocolate custard croissants or blueberry turnovers, bakers can add a visual flair that will draw in customers.
  2. Savory Dishes & Deconstructed Desserts: Restaurant chefs have been incorporating pastries into menu items with great success. From appetizers like tempura fried puff pastry with olive tapenade and feta cheese dip, to mains like mushroom ricotta turnover with truffle oil sauce, chefs are finding ways to showcase the versatility of pastries. Dessert offerings include dishes like poached pear tartlets with cinnamon mascarpone cream, or deconstructed tiramisu made with ladyfingers soaked in espresso syrup, marscapone mousse topped with cocoa powder.
  3. Private Label Manufacturing: Private label manufacturers are creating custom products for businesses such as hotels, restaurants and catering companies who want an exclusive product line they can sell or use as part of their services. This includes everything from mini filled croissants for breakfast buffets or room service trays, to macarons packaged in wedding towers for elegant table centerpieces at receptions. Suppliers specializing in private label manufacturing offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of production from recipe development and ingredient procurement through packaging design and shipping coordination.