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Welcome to - the number one b2b food products marketplace! As an SEO & Content Manager and Copy Writer, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our delightful Oranges category page. Our wide selection of oranges are sourced straight from the sunny orchards in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. We have a plethora of oranges ranging from juicy Valencia and Clementine varieties to exotic blood oranges. Whether you are looking for wholesale options or a private label, Torg makes it easy for businesses like yours to find quality products at affordable prices. Let us help you get started on your sourcing journey now.

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A close up of freshly harvested, ripe Oranges from the Mediterranean region. Bright, juicy and vibrant oranges are laid out on a rustic wooden surface with leaves still attached to the stems. The background is a beautiful landscape of orange groves and blue sky. Variations could include different packaging options - whole oranges in a traditional wooden crate, or pre-packaged slices in a clear plastic container with Torg's logo on it.

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pro fresh sa logo
Pro fresh sa
We export fresh fruits from South Africa. Our current product range comprises Table grapes, avocado, citrus (oranges, lemons and grapefruit), apples and pears.
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South Africa 6 Primrose Ave, Gants Plaza - 7140
Tadimda gida sanayi̇ a.ş.
Fruiterra specializes in preserving the delicious flavors of Anatolian fruits by carefully applying quality management systems like BRC, IFS, and HACCP. Their premium products include a variety of fruits such as mandarins, grapefruits, oranges, cherries, figs, plums, and peppers in canned and frozen forms, ensuring food safety and adding value to agricultural products in Turkey. With a focus on ethical business practices, Fruiterra aims to grow while contributing to society and increasing their market share in the export industry.2022 will see them expanding their frozen food production alongside canned goods, solidifying their position as a leader in the global frozen food market.
Fresh grapefruits
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Turkey Salihli Organize Ssanayi Bölgesi Kula Yolu Üzeri 15 km - Salihli
Certificates: All
Euro West B.V. logo
Euro west b.v.
Euro West is a wholesaler specialized in packaging vegetables and fruits, offering customer-specific packaging solutions 24/7. They provide a wide range of packaging services including flowpack, clafnet, foodtainer, and netlon for various products like tomatoes, oranges, limes, passion fruits, and more. With 80% of their customers being exporters supplying supermarkets, Euro West focuses on flexibility and market-oriented packaging solutions, catering to retailers locally and internationally.
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Netherlands ABC Westland 374 - POELDIJK
Certificates: All
The Cyprus Phassouri Plantations Co Ltd logo
The cyprus phassouri plantations co ltd
Cyprus Phassouri Plantations specialize in cultivating, producing, packing, and marketing citrus fruits, with a focus on oranges and grapefruits. They offer a wide range of citrus products such as white grapefruit, Valencia oranges, Lane Late oranges, Powell navel oranges, Navelina oranges, Chislett oranges, Mandora, Nova, Clemenules, and Oogrande. Known for their red seal quality, the company's plantations in Limassol, Cyprus, cover a total area of 5,608 dunams. With a commitment to health, nutrition, and environmental sustainability, they are one of the biggest citrus plantations in Cyprus.
Fresh grapefruits
Cyprus Assomatos, PO BOX 50180 - Limassol
Certificates: All

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