Capture a photo of a variety of off-dry products in their natural state from a b2b supplier that is sourcing for wholesale or private label purposes. Consider adding ingredients, shapes, colors, and textures from different locations around the Mediterranean or Europe. The photo should showcase the richness of off-dry products and how they can be used in many delicious dishes.

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Recent Supply Chain Issues

  1. Globalization of Supply Chains: In the past decade, supply chain vulnerabilities have been a growing problem. Companies have had to contend with the effects of natural disasters, political unrest, and economic downturns that significantly disrupted their supply chains. Moreover, due to increasingly globalized and complex supply networks, more and more organizations are becoming exposed to potential risks.
  2. Coronavirus Pandemic Disruption: The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption in global supply chains. With factories being closed or operating at reduced capacity due to lockdowns in multiple countries, many companies may be unable to source sufficient materials for their production processes. In addition, logistical problems such as port congestion can severely impede the movement of goods around the world.
  3. Trade Wars: Trade wars between major economies have been a key issue over the last few years with tariffs imposed on imports/exports significantly impacting both domestic and international businesses in terms of cost increases and disruptions in supplies. This has been especially true for companies involved with sourcing from b2b suppliers located in different countries affected by trade tensions between different nations.

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