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Are you looking to find the right supplier for your Oat Flakes needs? Here at Torg, you can find a range of high-quality products from trusted suppliers all around Europe, Mediterranean and other regions. With such an extensive selection, you will be able to easily source anything from private label production to wholesale deals. We offer a fast and efficient way to get in touch with relevant suppliers that fit your exact requirements!

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Explore the world of high-quality Oat Flakes with Torg! Find your perfect b2b supplier for sourcing wholesale private label oats in Spain, Italy, Europe and the Mediterranean. Discover the endless possibilities of incorporating these delicious flakes into your products. From breakfast cereals to granola bars, our oat flakes are a versatile ingredient that will elevate any dish. Let Torg help you find the best suppliers for your business needs!

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dobrodiya sp. z o.o. logo
Dobrodiya sp. z o.o.
No relevant information about the company or its services.
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Poland Ul. Zurawia 32/34 - Warsaw
Certificates: All
firma diamant ltd, llc logo
Firma diamant ltd, llc
Since 2001, Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC has mastered the production of instant corn flakes from cereals, working only in B2B segment. So, since 2011, Firma DIAMANT LTD, LLC has produced products under the trademark “Kozub Product”. The production process meets the requirements of the international control system ISO 22000&“Organic Standard”. Our products have been repeatedly awarded diplomas and medals for their quality. But the best proof of our success is the grateful feedback from customers and the ever-growing sales of our products. In 2013, we're tested by the certification body “Organic Standard”, received a certificate of organic products producer and became one of the first certified producers of organic flakes in Ukraine. Our products under the trademark “Kozub Organic Product” have been marked at local exhibitions and at the world forum BIOFACH! Our range includes organic cereals, organic flakes, and organic oatmeal! Our main activity is the production of flakes that need cooking, as well as instant flakes from cereals: classic oat, buckwheat, barley flakes, and from such unusual ones as rice, rye, and maize. Consumers especially like mixtures of cereals with additives, like flax, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and components of the Fitness series. We use such production technologies as whole grain steaming, flattening, and cutting, exploiting the European equipment. We also produce instant cereals, muesli, oatmeal, various types of flour, including whole grain and maize.
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Ukraine Petro Doroshenko str., 57 Poltava city, Ukraine - poltava
Certificates: All
mulder logo
We are Mulder, the expert in breakfast cereals. Mulder Breakfast Cereals has more than 30 years of experience in product research and development. Our expertise in the breakfast cereal market is impressive and our options - both in terms of product range and packing possibilities - are extensive. We create together R&D is in our DNA. Optimising existing products is a continuous process. Not only is the quality of our breakfast cereals ever-improving, but we also strive for a healthier product range. It goes without saying that we closely follow food trends and market developments and keep innovating together with our customers. A lasting partnership is key. We believe that the best results are the result of the joint efforts of experts: innovation through co-creation, as it were. We deliver top quality Mulder Breakfast Cereals strives for the best. Always. During every phase of the production process and in every department, quality is closely monitored. We produce top-quality products and are proud to do so. We operate worldwide As a leading producer of breakfast cereals, Mulder exports to more than 60 countries both inside and outside of Europe, a number that is increasing by the year. Our natural ingredients Thanks to vertical integration, our most important ingredients can be delivered from within our family-owned group. As a result, we can assure complete quality control, from raw ingredient to finished product. This strategic partnership also allows us to enter the market with competitive prices.
Oat flakes
Breakfast cereals
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Belgium Beversesteenweg 584 - Roeselare
Certificates: All
65 oats logo
65 oats
All 65 Oats products are produced of gluten-free pure oats cultivated by our carefully selected and audited contract farmers. They are packed with good taste and nutrition. They are a beautiful balance of carbs, protein, soft fat and fiber as well as lots of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to their beta-glucan fiber, oats have EFSA approved health claims related to blood cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels and benefits to digestion. Always Finnish origin The origin of all 65 Oats products is always Finland and our own contract farms. No GMO is used. Tailored on request On request and in sufficient volumes, our oat products can be tailored to your own requirements for example by thickness, weight or density. For more information on specific requirements, please contact us.
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Finland Murrontie 2 - Utajärvi

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