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Torg is your ultimate destination for finding high-quality nutrition products from trusted suppliers and producers around the globe. Our expansive selection of food categories includes everything from olive oil to vegan beef, Paella to snack mix, risotto to flavoured oils, rice to vitamins, and vinegars and beyond. We are experts in sourcing the best b2b food products from Spain, Italy, Europe, and other parts of the Mediterranean so you can have access to a broad range of options at great prices with reliable delivery.

Capture a vibrant and colorful photograph of Nutrition related products that showcase the variety of options available to b2b buyers. Focus on items like grains, seeds, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts - all locally sourced from suppliers in Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries. Highlight the freshness and quality of these products to emphasize Torg's commitment to providing top-notch foods for its customers.

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Recent Supply Chain Issues

  1. Contamination and Food Safety Risks: In recent decades, there have been several food-related scandals due to improper handling of produce, resulting in contamination with dangerous bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria. To combat the issue, many b2b suppliers are now enforcing stricter regulations on food safety and quality assurance standards to ensure the health and safety of customers.
  2. Impact of Climate Change on Production Volume: Climate change has had a significant impact on agricultural production volume worldwide. Changes in temperature extremes, precipitation levels, soil conditions can all affect crop growth. As a result, suppliers must constantly adjust their strategies to meet global demand for products while responding to climate change issues.
  3. Global Competition for Resources: The competition for resources is fierce amongst b2b suppliers across the globe. Suppliers need to be able to source ingredients from reliable sources that offer competitive prices but also high quality products in order to make a profit. This can be difficult as suppliers must often compete against each other for limited resources or face higher costs due to tariffs imposed by different countries or regions.

Everyday Uses for Nutrition Products

  1. Fortified Drinks & Smoothies: Nutritionally fortified drinks and smoothies are becoming increasingly popular amongst health conscious consumers. By incorporating nutrition products such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other micronutrients into these drinks, manufacturers can ensure their product is packed with beneficial nutrients while still offering an enjoyable beverage. Torg's selection of wholesale nutrition products can help manufacturers create a nutritious and delicious drink that will be sure to stand out on store shelves.
  2. Fortifying Meals & Snacks: Consumers who are looking to get the most out of their meals often turn to nutrition products as a way to fortify their meals nutritionally. Whether it's adding superfoods for added nutritional benefits or adding protein powder for an extra boost of energy, there is no shortage of ways that b2b suppliers on Torg can help buyers source exactly what they need. From private label nutrition powders and supplements to functional foods like Omega-3 enriched eggs, Torg has a wide range of suppliers from all over the Mediterranean region ready to assist you in sourcing the perfect nutrition product for your product line.
  3. Vegan Nutrition Solutions: With the ever increasing popularity of vegan diets, vegan food producers are always looking for new ways to make sure their products are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients without compromising on taste. Looking beyond traditional plant based ingredients such as legumes and grains, b2b buyers can easily find suppliers from Europe to Asia offering various types of vegan nutrition products such as vegan beefs made from textured vegetable proteins (TVP) or vitamin enriched plant milks made from oats or soybeans. Whether you're looking for a single ingredient or a complete solution for your product line up, Torg has everything you need at competitive prices!

Get the Nutritional Benefits You Need with Quality Suppliers from Torg's B2B Marketplace

  1. Nutrition: Nutrition is essential for human health. It helps us to maintain a healthy body weight, boost immunity and strengthen bones and muscles. Nutritional products from Torg's Marketplace are an excellent way to get the vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients your body needs. Our selection includes vitamins, supplements, fortified foods, nutraceuticals and functional foods all sourced from reliable suppliers around the world. From private label to bulk wholesale orders, Torg offers a variety of options for buyers looking for nutritional products in Europe, the Mediterranean or beyond.