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Look no further than Torg when it comes to sourcing high-quality Non-Halal food products in bulk or as private labels. Our extensive database of suppliers and comprehensive product selection make us the perfect choice for businesses seeking reliable, competitively priced offerings from across Europe and the Mediterranean region. With our dedicated team of experts ready to assist with any queries, you can trust Torg to handle all your Non-Halal needs quickly and easily.

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Discover the rich flavors of Torg's Non-Halal b2b food products from Spain and Italy, perfect for sourcing ingredients for your wholesale business. Explore our selection of private label olive oils, vinegars, and more in this Mediterranean-inspired category. Get your taste buds ready!

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teeling petfood hoogeveen b.v. logo
Teeling petfood hoogeveen b.v.
Teeling Petfood is your supplier of private label wet dog and cat food. We offer you a wide range of wet food in different categories and segments. From our two production sites in the Netherlands and our head office in Harderwijk, we serve our customers worldwide. Our starting point is to provide ‘value for money’ for you and your organisation. This means we offer extensive service in addition to the excellent price / quality ratio of our products.
Dry cat food
Wet cat food
Dry dog food
Wet dog food
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Netherlands Buitenvaart 1207 - SG Hoogeveen
Certificates: All
seaweed market oü logo
Seaweed market oü
Seaweed Market OÜ supplies seaweed for snacking, cooking, food decoration, sushi and gimbap rolling, asian noodles, asian soups etc Seaweed has many application opportunities in food preparation due to its’ unique structure, well-balanced hardness and natural flavour. It is loved not only by asian chefs but many European both vegetarian and meat restaurants use sea tang for serving best dishes ever. Moreover there are reliable researches claiming that daily intake of dried algae reduces the risk of gastric ulcers and tumors, some types of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Most of our seaweed products are low in calories and seaweed dietary fibre improves gut motility, assists activity of useful bacteria, helps losing weight, as it makes to feel a sense of fullness after a meal longer. So it is the product that you shouldn’t avoid during even strongest diets, on the contrary you might include some seagrass into your daily ration to improve your health and become fit.
Chinese noodles
Food decorations
Chinese egg noodles
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Estonia Ehitajate tee 110B, Tallinn, Estonia - tallinn
gwangcheon nori logo
Gwangcheon nori
Gwangcheon Nori is the only specialized seaweed Nori manufacturer and exporter located in Lithuania, Europe. Our parent company is Kwangcheonkim Co., one of the largest established companies in South Korea.
Seaweed snacks
Free from
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Lithuania S. Dariaus ir S. Gireno g. 149 - 02189
st paul bv logo
St paul bv
St. Paul is a specialized producer of processed cheese products for B2B, aiming to be a leader in the market by offering highquality and functional cheese solutions worldwide. They develop tailormade cheese products and the machinery needed for their production, ensuring topnotch quality at all times. As a family business, tradition and mastery are key values, reflected in everything they do. With a focus on innovation and quality, St. Paul is your reliable partner in the food industry, always committed to providing the best cheese solutions.
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Netherlands De Verrekijker 1, - 4564 Db St Jansteen

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