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A refreshing blue glass bottle of natural mineral water with a crisp and clean design. Perfect for b2b sourcing in Europe, this private label supplier offers premium quality sourced from Mediterranean springs.

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Druskininku Rasa, UAB logo
Druskininku rasa, uab
Druskinink Rasa provides a variety of mineral water and fruit drinks, including Rasa Light, Rasa Etno, Rasa Kids, Rasa Office Life, Rasa Eco, and more. Find refreshing drinks for different occasions such as Rasa Soda, lemonades, and syrups.Wide selection of mineral water and fruit drinks for a refreshing experience. Various flavors available for different preferences.
Fruit juice
Carbonated natural mineral water
Grapefruit juices
Mineral water
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Lithuania Baravyku str. 3, - Druskininkai
Certificates: All
hochwald sprudel schupp gmbh logo
Hochwald sprudel schupp gmbh
Hochwald offers a wide selection of classic mineral waters, juices, spritzers, sports wellness drinks made with natural mineral water. They pride themselves on sustainable production and a commitment to quality in their range of products, including mineral water, spritzers, fruit juices, and sports drinks. With a focus on purity and quality, Hochwald's beverages are perfect for every type of consumer.
Natural mineral waters
Fruit teas
Sports drink
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Germany . - .
Certificates: All
zaros s.a. logo
Zaros s.a.
ZAROS SA was founded in 1980 and is one of the most famous companies in the field of bottled water. This is a Greek company started its production activity in the bottling of natural mineral water ZARO'S near Zaros village from where it got its name. The company has produced and successfully marketed bottled natural mineral and carbonated mineral water ZARO'S, according to 41602/8.5.2008 governmental license and table water with several private label brands (private labels - jobbing). All the production facilities of the company are located outside Zaros of Phaistos municipality in the prefecture of Heraklion in total plot 15850.8 m2. Therein lies the certified source Amati from which the bottled natural mineral water ZARO'S with modern machines, without any intervention by human hand throughout the process of drawing up the marketing of the product and without undergoing any treatment.
Mineral water
Natural mineral waters
Natural mineral water
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Certificates: All
galvanina logo
Galvanina: organic drinks and sparkling waters. Galvanina has an ancient and fascinating history. Situated on the slopes of Paradise Hill, where ancient Roman baths once stood, Galvanina takes its name from the eponymous mineral water spring. It is here that a centuries-long journey began through the territory of Rimini. Today Galvanina is present in over 50 countries in the world with its certified quality products: organic drinks, cold teas, mineral waters, sparkling drinks and mixers.
Flavored waters
Organic beers
Mineral water
Pomegranate juice
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Italy Via della Torretta, 2 - Rimini
Certificates: All

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