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Torg offers a wide selection of mangoes from top suppliers in Spain, Italy, Europe, and the Mediterranean. With our b2b marketplace, you can easily source high-quality mangoes and get wholesale prices for your business needs. Whether you're looking for fresh mangoes or private label products, Torg has got you covered. Our user-friendly web application allows you to submit product requests and receive quotes from specific suppliers in no time. Don't settle for subpar mangoes - trust Torg to provide the best sourcing solutions for your business.

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Mangoes in a variety of colors packaging, with vibrant pictures of the fruit, reflecting the freshness and juiciness of the product. The most popular mango varieties include Tommy Atkins, Kent, Keitt, Haden and Francis. These delicious fruits are grown around the world in countries like Spain, Italy, Europe and South America. Torg offers great wholesale prices for sourcing these high-quality mangoes from reliable suppliers.

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agricultural company jayeonteo logo
Agricultural company jayeonteo
JAYEONTEO is a Korean representative agri-food company that achieved successful performance with color cherry tomatoes as key products.
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea 400, Seonghyeon-ro - Goyang-Si
Station soussia
Greefa provides fruit-friendly sorting, grading, and packing machines for fruits and vegetables. Their innovative technology ensures consistent quality for customers through efficient sorting and packing solutions. With over 75 years of experience, Greefa offers modular designs, smart technology, and dedicated research to maximize efficiency and reliability. Their global clientele praises them for their constant innovation, lower labor costs, and reliable service, making them a trustworthy choice for long-term partnerships in the fruit and vegetable industry.
Fruit drink
Apples jellies
Fresh stone fruits
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Morocco Zl Tassila Km 12, Route de Marrakech - Agadir
Roveg Fruit B.V. - Bleiswijk logo
Roveg fruit b.v. - bleiswijk
Roveg offers a wide assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, including mangos, avocados, exotics, and more. They prioritize quality by collaborating closely with dedicated growers worldwide to ensure sustainability and transparency. With a strong logistics team and distribution network spanning 61 countries, Roveg delivers top-notch products year-round. Contact them for fresh and delicious produce options.
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Netherlands Nijverheidsweg 20 - Waddinxveen
Certificates: All
Vidifresh Venlo B.V. logo
Vidifresh venlo b.v.
Global Producers has been producing all melon varieties in the southern hemisphere under the brand '', along with year-round mango/avocado production. Their brand '' (industrial farming) is known for consistent high-quality standards and responsible sustainable management. From farms to logistics and a wide range of products, Global Producers prioritizes quality and sustainability in all aspects of their operations. Contact them for premium produce.
Cantaloupe melons
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Netherlands Venrayseweg 136 B, 5928 RH - Venlo
Certificates: All

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