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Whether you are looking for malt for beer brewing, baking or any other purpose, Torg is here to help. We are a b2b food marketplace offering an extensive selection of high-quality malt from reliable suppliers across Europe and Mediterranean countries. Our state-of-the-art system helps businesses source wholesale malt easily and securely with just a few clicks.

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Looking for b2b suppliers of high-quality malt products in Spain? Look no further than Torg's extensive selection of malted grains, perfect for all your brewing and baking needs. From private label options to wholesale sourcing, our suppliers offer a variety of malt varieties and packaging options to suit your business. Explore our range of European-sourced malts, including those from Italy and other Mediterranean regions. Let Torg help you find the best malt supplier for your business!

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august töpfer & co. (gmbh & co.) kg logo
August töpfer & co. (gmbh & co.) kg
August Tpfer Co. offers a wide range of organic products such as malt extract, sugar, nuts, and dried fruits. They pride themselves on providing highquality sugar, salt, and molasses, including fair trade options. Additionally, they specialize in supplying potato products, animal feed, and a variety of organic products. With their extensive experience and direct relationships with suppliers worldwide, August Tpfer Co. ensures topnotch quality in all their offerings.
Shelled brazil nuts
Sea salt
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Germany - - -
Certificates: All
Puratos Malt OÜ logo
Puratos malt oü
Puratos Malt is the largest malt producer in the Baltics, offering pure natural products since 1996. Their malts are created from fields in Estonia using advanced technological solutions for the highest purity. With a focus on innovation and quality, Puratos Malt aims to assist bakers in blending traditional bread-making methods with the tastes of tomorrow. Contact them for a taste of their malt innovation!
Wheat bread
Estonia Kavandu küla Kambja vald - Tartumaa
Certificates: All
Vaasan Group / Leibur AS logo
Vaasan group / leibur as
Leibur is the oldest bread baker in Estonia, making consumer choices easier by offering pure flavors and nutritious food. They provide a wide range of bread products including traditional rye bread with natural sweetness from sprouted rye grains, high-fiber whole grain bread, and a variety of healthy options like rye and oat bread. Focusing on local bread culture, Leibur continuously innovates by introducing new recipes and flavors to make daily choices simpler and healthier for consumers.
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Estonia Leiva 1, 12618 - Tallinn
Certificates: All
Miccio srl logo
Miccio srl
Miccio offers a wide variety of high-quality Italian olives, including green olives like Nocellara del Belice and Cerignola, as well as black olives such as Gaeta and Leccino. Their products range from whole olives to sliced and pitted options, perfect for enhancing your culinary creations. Whether you're a cooking enthusiast or a professional chef, Miccio provides olive options in jars, bags, trays, and even bulk sizes for food service. They stand out for their fresh and easy product lines, catering to those with diverse tastes and a love for Mediterranean cuisine. Miccio's flexible production facility also allows for custom packaging and white-label products, ensuring customer satisfaction.
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Italy Strada Provinciale Zabatta no 223 - Terzigno (NA)
Certificates: All

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